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September 27th 2019
Published: October 29th 2019
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We told kids that we’d only stay for a day and true to our word we left in the morning, after a filling a breakfast that included roasted green chilis. This was another morning, another day of driving, working our way north. The next stop was Oregon City.

Clayton and Jen’s house was a 7-hour drive but since we had our RV along, we drove straight to a county RV park close to their house. We arrived too late to visit them that night so made our own dinner and had some nice wine.

Jen had asked if we wanted to watch the 2 big kids participate in their jog-a-thon and of course, we said yes. We got to the park just in time to see Zoey walk into the park with her class. Each grade runs as a group and they run or walk for 20 minutes. Zoey, we noted, would run past us but then would walk the remainder of the way. But the run was to raise money so it didn’t matter.

After Zoey ran it was Fynn’s turn. He ran, taking lots of water stops, but he ran. He even let Clayton run a lap with him.

In the afternoon we played at the park with the kids, swinging the babies and watching the big kids run amok. It was fun to play with the kids, we were enjoying our time.

It was Clayton’s birthday and I’d offered to make some dinner but he opted to pick up Thai food. There is a little Thai restaurant nearby that offers many glute- free items so we always welcome dinner from there. The Thai food went well with the champagne we brought to celebrate.

After dinner, we played with kids, talked to Clayton and Jen and just had a nice evening before going off to the RV.

That evening we started to pack up. We took an inventory of our alcohol, and since we had to leave most of it in the U.S., we packed it up for storage at Clayton’s. We also left food items behind that we knew would give us trouble over the border.

We had a nice breakfast with Clayton, Jen and kids, played for a little while then went on our way.

We drove to a rest stop close to the Canada border then stopped for the night. It was an early evening but we thought it would be better to cross the border 1st thing in the morning rather than try to have any hassles at immigration and get to a campsite late.


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