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North America » United States » Oregon » Newport June 30th 2018

We made it to the Pacific Ocean today! We started the day in Yuba City, California and arrived In Newport, Oregon just after sunset. We drove through the beautiful Central Valley region of California, enjoying the lush, green orchards of fruit and nut trees. It was amazing to see the contrast between the bright green, irrigated rice paddies and the dry, golden fields of grasses native to this chapparal climate. We drove through this landscape until lunch time when we began to enter the mountain passes near the beautiful Mt. Shasta and continued to wind through southern Oregon toward the coast. Our first glimpse of the ocean was at Hobbit Beach where we stopped for dinner. It‘s hard to believe that less than a month ago we were camping with friends at Cape Henlopen on the ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Newport June 11th 2016

The first town I hit was Lincoln City, and I soured on it quickly. The traffic, likely fed by the nearby casino, was terrible. After being spoiled by several days of quiet, scenic back roads, I just wanted to escape this busy stretch of 101. Lincoln City went on the list of "towns to explore on the trip back" list. Eventually I made it through the city and the lovely coast scenery returned. I made a couple of unplanned stops for pictures, and then arrived in Depoe Bay around lunch time. This town fit my mood much better. The west side of the street was all parking, making it easy to stop for pictures and a meal, which was populated by little restaurants and touristy stores. After the rich meals I had eaten over the last ... read more
World's Smallest
Yaquina Head Lighthouse

North America » United States » Oregon » Newport August 22nd 2014

It's hard to believe it is August. Here in Oregon we've been bundled up. The days are around 65 degrees and the nights are cool. We must say it is a change from the 90 degree temperatures most of the country has seen. We stopped at an Encore park in Mt. Hood on our trip to the coast. Tom wanted to see the Timberline Lodge, built during Roosevelt's presidency. At 12,000' elevation, needless to say it was a challenge for Tom. Just driving up the mountain was iffy. Fortunately we could park right in front of the lodge and take an elevator inside. From there we went to the Monaco factory (now Allied Recreation) near Eugene, Oregon. The outside seam on the coach was repaired, along with some other "non-warranty" work. They did great work. Time ... read more
Captain of Pastime II
One of our 6 person crew
Sea Lions

North America » United States » Oregon » Newport August 10th 2013

August 10, 2013 - Saturday Got in town early to the Farmer’s Market. What a great display of so much stuff! Everything from fresh veggies to fresh flowers, bakery items, coffee, jewelry, wood carvings, etc., even some maple trees! A wonderful way to spend the morning. Got some wonderful raspberries, blueberries, and fresh green beans. Next we headed down to Bay Front and just walked around the shops again and enjoyed the fishermen, the boats, the people – all of the cacophony of that, plus the resident sea lions. Love this place! Stopped and had an Espresso and Latte in a small Coffee House. Then we headed to a favorite restaurant, ‘Fish Tails’ and Marge had to have her Marionberry stuffed French toast one last time. See Blog pic. A quick trip to the grocery for ... read more
Leaving #1 Newport Sunday - Going to LaPine, OR #3
Electric Car Charging Stations all over Oregon
Saturday Morning Farmers Market

North America » United States » Oregon » Newport August 9th 2013

August 9, 2013 - Friday Spent the morning ‘in’, doing a little bit of laundry and just relaxing. Grilled out for lunch and then headed to the South Jetty. Bummer, all fog. We still walked out on the jetty a little and down to the beach. Watched the waves , very calming. Some of the boats were headed back in while we were on the jetty and we saw a harbor seal and some pelicans. After we returned to our trailer, we decided to take our pier walk right away. Real busy on the pier tonight – could hardly get through all the people to go to the end. But we did. LOTS of crabbers and lots of huge Dungeness crabs being caught. The Dungeness crab season is done on August 15th.... read more
Dunes and Jetty in the Fog
Sailing Foggy

North America » United States » Oregon » Newport August 8th 2013

August 8, 2013 Went out to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse again this morning, still real foggy. No whales to be seen and no harbor seals either this time. All out getting brunch perhaps? Lol Walked around the Cobble Beach and all around the Light house, watching the stinky birds – thousand of them, on the rocks. For lunch we went down to the Bay Front and ate at Local Oceans, table for two, outside under a big orange umbrella – Will had grilled Halibut and a mix of udon noodles, chard, edamame and spring onions with a citrus soy sauce. Delish! Marge had a fresh Albacore Tuna wrap, also delish. Then walked around the Bay Front for awhile – can you tell we love it!? Love to see the shops and the people, the fishing boats, ... read more
Star Fish in Tide Pool Near Lighthouse
Ornament near Lighthouse
Lagoon in Fog

North America » United States » Oregon » Newport August 7th 2013

August 7, 2013 Wednesday Spent a lazy morning in the campground – made some scones to give to our Park Host. He’s been such an amazing help in our knowing places to go and sights to see. We call him our ‘Cruise Director’. Lol Off to the Aquarium in the afternoon. What fun, and so many things to see – we watched the Sea Lions and the seals being fed. They’re such hams when they have an audience! We walked through the ‘acrylic tubes’ of theDeepSeacreatures: all kinds of sharks, rays, eels, halibut, sturgeon and some octopus. It all made for an interesting afternoon. Our ‘Cruise Director’ Clay, came by and we chatted for quite awhile about our stay here and how sad we will be to leave on Sunday. But our regular life calls and ... read more
Lots of Eating
More Jelly

North America » United States » Oregon » Newport August 3rd 2013

August 3, 2013 - Saturday Another beautiful day on the Oregon Coast. First thing we took a hike on the Mike Miller trail a few miles from here. A very dense forest type of hike – didn’t seem like the NW Coast. Lots of Hemlock trees and we think, Black Spruce. It was a fun hike. After lunch we took a drive along the Yaquina River Rd., along the river (of course). Saw some really great sights along the river and marshes: lots of herons, bald eagles, and even some Canada geese! It was a lovely ride and we returned via Rte. 101 back to Newport with a stop at a Starbucks for some Espresso for Will and a Chai Latte for Marge – her new favorite. After our return it was time for our nightly ... read more
The Trail
Mike Miller Trail
Mike Miller Trail

North America » United States » Oregon » Newport July 31st 2013

July 31, 2013 - Wednesday Nothing much today, a real down time for us for a change. Sooo, nothing to report except our walk on the pier tonight. One fellow caught a HUGE male Dungeness crab - supper! And at the cleaning table, wow, two big Coho Salmon and some huge Albacore Tuna. Sorry folks, that was it for today. August 1, 2013 - Thrusday Here it is, another month all ready! I guess we’re having way too much fun. A lazy morning again, and then to Fish Tails for another round of the Marionberry stuffed French toast for Marge – yum! Will had the Slumgullion, a clam chowder with shrimp and white cheeses; he said it was pretty fine! From there we went to the Newport Aquarium, uh oh, long line, even at 1:30. We ... read more
Many Murals on the Bay Front
Many Murals on the Bay Front

North America » United States » Oregon » Newport July 30th 2013

July 30, 2013 - Tuesday A lazy morning and then went to Fish Tails for lunch. Marge had the Marionberry stuffed French toast – wow! She ate the whole thing before I could get a picture. She said she must go back for a repeat. I had the fish and chips and it’s the best I’ve had on the entire trip. A great place to eat and we’ll definitely go back. ***Marionberries are a cross between the blackberry and the raspberry – a wonderful taste. Then we drove to So. Newport to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. So much to do and see there and it’s a great whale watching spot too. We saw puffins, cormorants, murres, pelicans, and harbor seals, who were taking a nap on the rocks. The flies were real bad but the smell ... read more
Yaquina Head Lighthouse
@ Yaquina - Outstanding Natural Area
@ Yaquina - Outstanding Natural Area

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