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North America » United States » Oregon » Mount Hood August 23rd 2014

Went to Government Camp to visit Mt. Hood Visitor Center to collect brochures and tour museum. Had some time before going to the airport to pick up Marcus and Faith so we drove up to Timberline Lodge, known as the people's lodge. All of the wood was hand hewn by public workers into a monumental masterpiece and dedicated by FDR in 1937. Went to find Trillium Lake but was no parking available. It was Saturday and very crowded. Marcus and Faiths flight was delayled and will not be arriving until tomorrow afternoon. Day 38 Found the deal of the trip.....breakfast for $4.00. I mean eggs, pancakes, homefries, and choice of bacon or ham. This was at Zigzag Mountain Cafe, you guessed it, in Zigzag, Or. Faith and Marcus finally made it after lunch. After dropping their ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Mount Hood August 10th 2014

We are leaving Hood River and on our way to Mount Hood. Mount Hood is over 11,000 feet and still some has some snow on top. This will be the first time Henry and Patrick see snow.... read more
We take a ski lift up to the snow
Tips up
Snowball fight

North America » United States » Oregon » Mount Hood June 27th 2014

Shortly after leaving Bend we stopped at Smith Rock State Park. The write ups made it sound like a popular place for rock climbing. It's apparently a pretty new park with a yurt as a visitors center...interesting story, just ask me about it. Anyway, gorgeous rock fromation and hiking trails...worth the stop. To the north of the park is a development for millionaire horse ranchers. They have donated $5M for the park's development. Further up OR 97 was Crooked River Gorge and railroad bridge. Then Crooked River National Grasslands recreation area. We're headed for Mt. Hood Timberland restaurant for lunch. We plan to stop there for lunch in the historic lodge. The closer we got the colder and cloudier it got. By the time we reached the lodge we could hardly see the snow plows working ... read more
Our Lost Lake view of Mt. Hood
Smith Rock State Park

North America » United States » Oregon » Mount Hood July 18th 2013

July 18, 2013 We left for Mt.Hood and the Timberline Lodge this morning. What a beautiful day to travel there. Mt.Hood, covered with snow, stands majestically with the other mountains all around: Mt.Adams, Three Sisters, Mt.Shasta, and McLaughlin. Skiers and snow boarders abound, as well as kids playing in the snow. A real fun and happening place. We went into the Lodge and, since it was1:30, went upstairs to the restaurant. They had a fantastic buffet and we had a terrific lunch and wonderful seats with a view. Of course, the Gift Shop was a must but we did miss seeing ‘Bruno’, the St. Bernard mascot of the Lodge. He passed away and was replaced with another St. Bernard, ‘Heidi’. We searched a good bit, but could never find her, so no picture. We headed back ... read more
Close Up
Timberline Lodge
More Hood and Still Lots of Skiing

North America » United States » Oregon » Mount Hood July 13th 2013

Today’s excursion took us up Mt Hood to the Timberline Lodge. Since we did not get to do it yesterday, we took the Grand Tour today. Some of you may already be familiar with the Timberline Lodge, the exterior appeared in the opening of the movie “The Shining” where Jack Nicholson and family drive up to The Overlook Lodge. Timberline Lodge was built in 1936 by Roosevelt’s WPA program. The Lodge is also known as the “People’s Lodge” as it was hewn by public workers into a monumental masterpiece of beautiful paintings, wood sculptures, mosaic glass, carved linoleum, stone and iron. The average age of the workers was 56. They were unemployed, desperate artists who were grateful to have the opportunity to contribute their skills to this monumental project. The huge timbers and gigantic boulders came ... read more
Timberline Lodge
Entry Foyer
Drinking Fountain off Foyer

North America » United States » Oregon » Mount Hood August 12th 2012

Day 6 August 11, Timberline, ORArrived at PCT at Government Camp late afternoon. Hiked until I had just enough light to set up camp. Mt Hood is remarkably lovely,and very different from Mt Rainier. Hardly any snow, so mtn looks naked in its geologic-ness.The trail is very sandy, like what you would want on the beach. Pretty lupine flowers lined the trail, a pair of deer bounded off 25 yards away. The sun setting cloaks the Mt Hood National Forest in soft, pastelly hues of sunset.Pleaides showers! The celestial madness at 6,400 feet is phenomenal. Six shooting stars before I lost count! Day 7Left camp before 8. Just crossed HWY 26, so 10 miles so far today. Am in Mt Hood National Forest. Must be equestrian day, have seen ten horses so far. Gorgeous weather.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Mount Hood August 31st 2011

Chicago has a great skyscape. It's just fun to walk through downtown and see the different vistas: along the river, along the boulevards, across the plazas. And the thing that absolutely makes it is the different eras of architecture jumbled together. Most of the old buildings have been torn down, but enough remain to seed the skyline with a fertile counterpoint. The new skylines of Asia, where every high-rise has been built in the last twenty years, show the sterility of an all-new city. One of the greatest Chicago buildings of any era is the Reliant Building. Unfortunately, at street level it was always disfigured by a discount wig shop with a gaudy sign, which drew attention away from the elegant architecture of the upper stories. But now the Hotel Burnham has taken over the ground ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Mount Hood July 10th 2011

The White River Our second stop was at the White River. This is one of the major runoffs for snow melt from Mt Hood. On the east side of the mountain, the White River flows east, joins the Deschutes River and runs north to the Columbia River before becoming part of the Pacific. In a violent roar, this river often takes out the roads in this area. The old bridge has been chipped away at by the massive boulders being pushed down this mountain. In the rocky grey scape, you can still find wildflowers, though dwarfed, they do hang on. We also had a view of the Miracle Mile Ski Lift on the southern slope of Mt Hood. Skiers and snowboarders were still making use of the snow!... read more
New Bridge at White River

North America » United States » Oregon » Mount Hood July 10th 2011

Lost Lake & Mt Hood Being wanderers, it is easy to get distracted by what might be around the next corner. On a whim, we followed the signs to Lost Lake. Some of the most beautiful postcard pictures of Mount Hood are taken from Lost Lake and neither of us had ever been. The road is narrow and winds around without many turnouts, but in remarkably good condition. We saw a magnificent display of rhododendrons - I don't ever remember them being so beautiful and healthy in July! We also ran into a lot of wild berries and Oregon Grape (Oregon's state flower) and aromatic cedar. Arriving at the lake, we were ill prepared for the volume of humanity at the lake! It is a very busy place. We had driven as far as we did, ... read more
Oregon Grape
Wild Berries

North America » United States » Oregon » Mount Hood July 10th 2011

We took a brief detour on Hwy 48 - definitely a trip for the future! We ran into some of the most incredible wildflowers - IN JULY! The new growth on the pines made the forest a brighter color. Really beautiful!... read more
Wild Strawberries
Indian Paintbrush
Star of Solomon

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