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North America » United States » Oregon » Medford April 13th 2014

Our chauffer, Pete, and the tour guide, Betty, delivered us to Medford with a few new stops for us. We travel the road to Medford often but have never made the stops that Betty had planned. We took a tour through the Taylors Sausage store and have decided that will be our favorite stop along Hiway 199. What a great place to get a delicious sandwich along with a favorite beverage. After a lunch stop in Grants Pass we arrived safely at our motel for the night. Thanks to Pete and Betty for a fun trip to Medford. After checking in to The Quality Inn we started out walking. After all the lunches and dinners of the last week we needed some exercise. What a great surprise to find a festival in downtown Medford--The Annual Pear ... read more
Quality Inn

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford July 24th 2013

Well we have made it to Oregon! Not a lot to see today as half the day was in the fog again. Saw part of the largest Elk heard in the US. Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox. Buy the way we saw more trees. Stop for the night in a back to the future Motor Court were each room has it's own car port. Looks just like it came from a brochure from the 60's. We are now back in the heat so No heated gear needed tomorrow!... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford July 16th 2013

Days 5 and 6 have been travelling days, moving from San Francisco to initially Eureka in Northern California and then today to Medford in Oregon- tomorrow we head off to Portland for 4 days before our cruise. We have hired a car and are getting used to driving on the right side of the road - only one near miss but we are gradually getting used to it- we have a dodge station wagon which seems very big but relative to some other cars on the road here is a medium sized car. We have traveled up the US 101 and 199 highways and through the red wood forests - truly amazing - look at the photos in the blog- in particular a section of 32 miles called "Avenue of the Giants" which refers to giant ... read more
Avenue of Giants series-2
Avenue of Giants-3
Avenue of Giants series-1

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford June 11th 2013

Geo: 42.3237, -122.89It was a chilly start this morning when we left the hotel at 8:10 AM and headed north toward San Francisco on the PCH. It was overcast and foggy, too. We were going to put on a lot of miles today and I expected it to be rather boring, going up I-5. We opted for the interstate for speed and figured we were probably giving up the scenic route. WRONG. If any of you plan to drive to Oregon from San Francisco, take I-5. You will not be disappointed. We began by driving the 20 mile stretch to San Francisco. We did not plan for traffic, but we should have. There were a lot of cars on the road. We drove along the foggy coast for a while. Then the road began to climb ... read more
San Francisco skyline
Rice Paddies
Turntable Bay

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford June 1st 2013

We are having the time of our lives. We went to Crater Lake today and needed our snow gear. It had been snowing all week but today was absolutely perfect, clear skies, no wind and unbelievable scenery. I don't think even photos could do it justice, it is such an amazing place. It is about 2 hours or so from Hollie and Mikes but the trip was so lovely with lots of stops on the way. We came across some guys fishing in the Rogue River just outside of Shady Cove and one of them had a gun on his hip....can you believe that. It seemed the most natural thing for him to was a glock hand gun in a holster. Made me feel a bit naked without my gun....ha ha! They were after the ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford May 25th 2013

Hello from beautiful Oregon. It is cool at night and the days are just perfect. There is snow on Crater Lake today so we won't be going there til it warms up a little. We went and had a look around the local area and then went to one of Hollie and Mike's friends for dinner and didn't get home til late into the night. So it is late start day today. Hawaii was fantastic and very warm, LA was very busy and San Fran was very hilly and our leg muscle got such a work out but we have seen everything in each place that we had listed so even though it was very tiring it has been so wonderful. Hollie and Mike give us the royal treatment and every morning from the window there ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford January 9th 2012

Okay so haven’t written for a while. Sorry about that, life got away from me. Mostly however, I was just lazy. The last time you read this, I was talking about a woman and five children. This seems like ages ago. Well we chilled out in San Diego for a while in a Ralph’s parking lot (grocery store). No one bothered us for three days. On the fourth morning, a security guard knocked on our door and kindly mentioned that Ralph’s was complaining that we had been parked overnight for too long. We were leaving anyway so it didn’t really matter much. We had posted another rideshare add and were planning on being a bit more picky. Some road kids responded saying that they needed to go to San Francisco. They did not have money yet, ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford September 13th 2011

Wow, what a day! Up at 7AM (well, I was, not Dianne!) Coffee and visiting with Dianne's 3rd cousin on their upper deck overlooking a valley. Then the three of us went downtown to the Mustard Seed cafe for breakfast - I had 3 crepes, being already coffee'd out. Home briefly, we then decided to make a half hour drive to vineyard country (there are about 30 of them), and sampled 11 wines at two different vineyards, also saw some beautiful gardens/grounds. Back about 3:30, we decided to have a before dinner nap. David then took us to a German restaurant in what was once a private school. The food was terrific and very reasonably priced, the waitress was Danish and a lot of fun.Now we' ve time to relax and chat (only 8:15 PM here) ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford September 12th 2011

After a late stop overnight at Jettyfishery on the Oregon Coast, and a codfish & chips meal in town nearby, we left at 10 AM yesterday heading south along the coast. There was fog and wind, but nothing to bother us, and the temperature was in the high 60'sF. Later we saw lots of sand and sand dunes, and stopped at a farmer's market, before heading inland on #42, having decided we did not have time to follow the 101 all the way into California and back. The road was straighter inland, and in excellent condition as all roads have been. We arrived on the edge of Jacksonville at 6:30 (a small old community on the west side of Medford), and with help from locals found this mountainside location about 7:30 PM last night. Now we ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford July 25th 2011

My room is powder blue. I share it with a Buddha who holds an Amethyst bigger than his belly. It smells like practice in here, I like that. Practice smells something like sweet musk, cedar, and natural body odor all mixed up, into a smell cloud that rests like a mustache under my nose - - organic, delicious. The descent into Medford from Portland was smooth this time. I’ve come to accept the reality that there is no way to arrive in Medford, Oregon by plane without riding in an air-born craft with propellers. Maybe it is my acceptance of this that has made it easier. It’s not planes I am weary of … its’ more the size of the vehicle hurtling through the air combined with chance wind. It is the chance wind. I’m relieved ... read more
Last Chance for Hats
Woo-woo land
Pacific Crest Trail Abandon Rail

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