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North America » United States » Oregon » La Pine August 13th 2013

August 13, 2013 Tuesday Wow, 37 degrees last night, right chilly this morning. Left the campground to see Lava Butte, a cinder cone volcano in Lava Lands. We drove up to the top and could look down into the caldera and were able to walk around the caldera, very interesting to do that, quite a drop down into it. Only 8 cars at a time are given limited access to the top and a time of ½ hour at the top. Then drove to Bend to try and see Bob and Mary Nelson’s granddaughter. She works in the Old Mill, an absolutely beautiful shopping development with the Deschutes River running by, covered today with standing surfers, tubers and kayakers. See Blog Pics. We located ‘Hannah’ where she’s a Manager at Vanilla Urban Threads. What a delightful ... read more
From On Top Looking West to Mt. Bachelor
Looking into the Caldera
Trail Around the Caldera

North America » United States » Oregon » La Pine August 12th 2013

August 11, 2013 - Sunday Watched part of the GBC live streaming in the trailer and then the rest of it in the truck on the way – until we lost the internet in the Coastal Mountain Range. On the way to LaPine SP; it was 57 degrees when we left Newport at 8:30 a.m. The weather changed drastically when we left the Coastal Range and got into the Cascade Mtn. Range. Blue skies, puffy, white clouds and a bit higher temperature. The high was only 74 for the day though. Out came the short sleeves! Made a stop in Sisters, Oregon to experience this quaint, busy town and to view ‘The Sisters’, large lava mountains all standing close together – just like sisters would do. They were covered in snow. In the town there were ... read more
Nice Town
Sisters Shop
Sisters Shop - Yes Real

North America » United States » Oregon » La Pine May 27th 2012

It was overcast and damp when we left Troutdale this morning. We found Hwy 26 and made our way toward the Mt. Hood recreational areas. There was a good bit of traffic heading that way, lots of cars with snow boards on the roof. As we climbed higher we could see there was still plenty of snow in the higher elevations. We climbed into the clouds and realized we might not get to see Mt. Hood, but you sure can’t control the weather. After Blue Box Pass, elevation 4,024’, we descended into the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. First we drove through thick woods, then beautiful pastures with many horses grazing, then up into high desert and rocky mesas. What wonderful vistas. Off to the west we could snow-covered Mt. Jefferson at 10,497’. At some point we ... read more
Climbing into the clouds
Mt. Jefferson
Warm Springs Reservation

North America » United States » Oregon » La Pine August 16th 2010

August 12-13, 2010: Having found out that there's a bigger crater in Oregon than Crater Lake (crater = caldera: the basin resulting from a violent volcanic eruption) we of course had to see it. A part of Newberry National Volcanic Monument, this crater is 26 miles across! But more recent events in geologic time have built a partition across the caldera, so where Crater Lake is one lake, at Newberry there are two: Paulina Lake and East Lake. Heading south from Lava Butte and then turning east, up, up, up we drove. Paulina Lake is the first one reached, at 6,300 or so ft (more than a mile above sea level, for those of you who have forgotten some of the math). Again worried we might not find a place, we grabbed a campsite there. As ... read more
Stairway to glass heaven
Wall of glass
Obsidian flow shoulder

North America » United States » Oregon » La Pine August 7th 2010

Pattie and Ron's Vacation 2010 Day 1 The long awaited day had arrived. August 1, was our departure date. We started our two week auto touring vacation, a journey departing from Pocatello, Idaho. Our first scheduled stop was La Pine, Oregon. My oldest son has never been to Crater Lake, Oregon and I thought what could be a more inspiring way to start a vacation than to have him experience the lake for a first time. We quickly approached the Idaho Oregon border shortly after leaving Caldwell, Idaho. The exit took us into the town of Ontario, a quaint small county town obviously proud of their pioneer heritage. The artwork on many exterior walls throughout the town depicted pioneers and the local Indians; scenes showing various stages of settlement. A two lane road took us though ... read more

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