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North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay March 7th 2017

After the best night of sleep in two weeks, I was reluctant to get out of bed. Instead, I brought my laptop in with me and started working on what would eventually become a blog post. I was finally drawn out of my warm nest by the smell of coffee. In the kitchen, my hosts had put together a large breakfast that even included homemade bread. They hadn't advertised an included breakfast so I was pleasantly surprised. I joined another guest at the kitchen table and talked with the hosts while stuffing myself and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. Eventually I had to extract myself from the conversation as I had too much to do before checkout time. I worked on laundry, cleaned up my camera lenses, organized the car, and planned the rest of the ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay October 10th 2016

I Woke up with the sun and started breakfast. After the events of the previous night, I made no effort to minimize my noise while cooking. Fueled up with bacon and eggs, I took some extra time to organize my gear as it was put in the car. I didn't expect to need it that night. I left the park to work on my first task of the day. I had made it my mission to photograph the lighthouses along the coast and I knew that Cape Arago was home to one. Unlike the last couple, this one was not open to the public. It wasn't even easily viewable. The only way to get a glimpse of it was to try to find a vantage point along the Cape Arago Highway. I drove along slowly, helped ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay July 24th 2016

After a nice night of sleep, I got up and drank coffee while watching two birds play in the bushes near my tent, I tried to focus on them and not think about the great unknown that lay in front of me. I had spent several weeks before my trip looking through tourist guides and internet forums, cataloging potential places to stay and things to see, starting with the northern-most section and working south. I had planned through Honeyman Park, and then simply run out of time. The entirety of my plan for the rest of Oregon was "head south". Before I did that though, I needed to head north. Rather than head for the next town, I backtracked to Florence under a misting rain. The first task of the day, as with so many mornings ... read more
Foggy Bridge
Sidewalk Statues
My Kitchen

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay November 4th 2015

Once we got going I was expecting to have a major difference in pace with Matt due to his cycling experience. His bike had mountain bike tires on it though and he really wasn't that fast of a rider anyway so I was constantly slowing down letting him do the leading. I'm not a physics expert by any means but after watching Matt struggle for a few km's on his bike with its huge, fat tires I could see it was a gigantic disadvantage on the road. It was really fucking logical to see how much harder he had to work to get speed up, I pointed this out which he completely denied, he told me the huge diameter of his wheels meant greater speed, I let it go. It was good to be cycling with ... read more
A zoo we passed through, this was one cute hedgehog
The beach we ended up camping on

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay October 29th 2015

I was relieved and felt lucky to have found them, Matt helped me drag my made up tent to the site and helped me unhook a bungee strap that had gotten badly tangled in my front tire. When I had the strap unhooked and my site finally set up I realized how vulnerable I was being so new to this type of travel and how good it was to get some real help. I started connecting with Matt pretty well and he had no problem rolling cigarettes for me to smoke every so often, we chatted for quite a while which I noticed quickly involved him chatting, a lot, and telling a lot of stories that were interesting enough for me not to get upset about having to listen to for a lengthy bits of time. ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay August 22nd 2014

Le 20 août, à North Bend, ville jumelle de Coos Bay, nous avons fait du magasinage. Benoit s'est acheté un sac à dos dans un Big 5 (55 litres qui a coûté 100.00$). C'était le plus dispendieux. Il est de marque High Sierra et garanti. Nous espérons que les coutures et attaches puissent résister car le tout semble fragile. Nous avons retourné le sac Grégory par la poste à Coop Mountain Équipement qui devrait nous rembourser. Pour le moment, Benoit est confortable et stable avec son nouveau sac. Le mercredi 20 août nous avons couché au State Park Bastendorf Beach à 11 milles au sud de Coos Bay et avons fêté le nouveau sac avec des guedilles aux crevettes pour souper :) miaaaam. La route entre Coos Bay et Bandon était variable. Nous sommes d'abord revenus ... read more
Le pont pour North Bend
Demonstration de la descente du pont

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay May 21st 2014

Bill and I have had two adventure filled days. We are still on the Oregon coast but planning to be in California by Friday. Yesterday, we began our day by driving to Newport, a small town on the coast. We went to Yaquina Head to see the sea lions, the many bird species and the biggest lighthouse on the coast. This morning we were up early to take a walk on the beach. Bill was determined to swim in the Pacific Ocean and so he put on his bathing suit. He walked out, up to his knees, and then, due to one large wave was soaked up to his waist! At that point, he turned around and scurried back to shore. So much for a dip in the ocean. The sea lions are abundant in the ... read more
mures birds nesting
sea lions from the top of cliff

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay July 3rd 2013

Today was our first day to explore the coast...all along the Cape Arago Loop. The Loop explores 3 state parks, has the largest haul-out of seals and sea lions, and provides breathtaking vantage points all along the way. Bastendorff Beach - A favorite among surfers & kiters for its uninterrupted beach. Sunset Bay State Park - Sandy beach & amazing tidepools all protected by towering sea cliffs. Shore Acres State Park - The jewel of the coast. It is perched on a scenic bluff high above the Pacific Ocean. It began as a private estate with luxurious gardens featuring trees, shrubs, and flowering plants from around the world. Simpson Beach - Situated directly below Shore Acres, a winding path takes you to this secluded ocean cove where you will find crashing waves and views of hundreds ... read more
Bastendorf Beach
Bastendorf Beach
Bastendorf Beach

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay May 18th 2013

We left California bright and early this morning heading up the coast into Oregon. Most of the day it was overcast and drizzling. Typical northwest weather. I think the high got up to 57… Tomorrow we head inland for awhile.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay May 8th 2013

Geo: 43.3681, -124.216Arrived at 5.30 exhausted and I've just sat on my arse all day. Beautiful drive along the pacific highway where the forests meet the ocean.... read more
Chris and lunch

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