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Started off overcast and misting. Hiked Multnomah Falls, Wahkeena falls and many smaller ones along the trail. Turned into a nice sunny day.... read more

7/31 Like most bed and breakfasts you choose a time when you would like to eat. This morning at the Portland White House, we opted to relax and enjoy the ambiance so our breakfast time was later than normal. The dining room was fully occupied save two seats which we promptly took. We were served a truly amazing breakfast. Slabs of bacon next to loads of fresh berries that were piled on top of Tiffany's Dutch German pancake accompanied by real maple syrup filled our plates. Freshly squeezed tangerine juice, coffee and opportunities for second helpings if you dared. I was eating well beyond my capacity! We were joined by many friendly people sharing their travel experiences and tips as we sat around the long dining room table. The International Rose Test Gardens were first on ... read more
International Rose Test Gardens, Portland
Portland's Japanese Gardens
Bridal Veil Falls

Geo: 45.67, -121.889After a late arrival, I stayed with a friend in a hotel near the airport. We headed out from Portland fairly early on I84 East. We had no real plan, but a couple free tourism guides that we picked up at the airport. Our first impetuous stop was Multnomah Falls. It turns out it is Oregon's top tourist attraction. I didn't look that grand from the highway, but we were eager to start seeing things. Multnomah has an interpretive center in a historic building and a couple different hiking trails. We grabbed our wind breakers and a couple of coffees from a cart out front and started up the trail to see the top of the falls (620 feet up). The path was in good condition and had several views of the falls and ... read more
Izzys for dinner
Stephen enjoying the sun at Lake Tahoe

We crossed back into Oregon from Washington quite late in the day, so we immediately began looking for a good place to camp. A few miles down the road, in Boardman, we found a superb little Good Sam campground. Grassy lawns stretched between shady trees with the river chuckling behind them. We went to sleep almost instantly. The next day dawned, you guessed it, cold and rainy. Seriously rainy, in this case, and we made the not-very-difficult decision of just staying put for a day. We only took a few short walks around the campground that day, but in the evening it cleared up, casting a beautiful amber glow over the park next door, where Rascal stared longingly from the shore at the Canada geese floating safely out of reach in the small harbor. The weather ... read more
Sunset Flotilla
Dog on Fire
Lava Lands

The states continually come up with surprises. New ways to explore and discover are just around the bend. Little did I know I had covered parts of the Oregon Trail months earlier only this time, I would start from its grand finale - the Colorado River. The Oregon Trail is an unknown road for most tourists travelling the US. In 1803 President Jefferson sent instructions to some guys called Lewis and Clarke to explore the Missouri River and other rivers for a direct route to the Pacific Ocean. The route they found is still partially used but not entirely because it wasn’t suitable for wagon transportation. Their 1804-06 adventure confirmed that there were two major rivers heading out of the northern Rockies but no easy route through the land from the east to the west. Therefore ... read more
2 - The open road of Oregons desert east
3 - Wallowa Lake on way to Hells Canyon
4 - Vista House the start of the beauty of hwy 30

Mount Hood and Timberline Lodge Today was a day for scenery, on a grand scale. First up was Mount Hood. Hood River the town sits on the actual Hood River, which leads to (yep) Mount Hood. The drive up starts in summer and ends in winter. The early part passes through open fields with a special view of the mountain when the clouds cooperate. The white pyramid peak dominates the horizon. The road passes into a pine covered gorge, and then into high mountainside. Snow appears at this point. The sky also started to rain, producing the look of late winter. The south side of Mount Hood has been a haven for skiers for over a century. Thanks to the mountain’s glaciers, it’s possible to ski here year round. In 1937, the Works P... read more
Timberline Lodge
Central Hall timberline lodge
Pioneer Woman's Gravesite

We started the day at the Vita Cafe. Megan had the Sloppy Biscuit sandwich and I had the faux Turkey Florentine. The service is always a bit hit & miss at the Vita, but it was more about the "miss" today... We waited over 30 minutes for our food and the place was only a quarter full. After breakfast we stopped at QFC for snacks and sunscreen. We then hit highway 84 and headed east to exit 28 (the Bridal Vail exit). The trail-head is (literally) right off the exit and there happened to be a wedding going on this day... The parking lot was full and we waited a minutes to find a spot. Once we did we were off for a great 2.3 mile hike! This was definitely a medium to hard hike, with ... read more

Looking for a quick and easy escape we went on a hike at at Wahclella Falls... Located in the Cascade Locks in the Columbia River Gorge it's only 40 minutes from our house ... After a short drive we paid $5.00 in the parking lot and were on our way. The trails at first are nice and open, a bit tight once you start to wind up the mountain, but it's a pretty easy hike. There were quite a few families out and about and many a dog along the trail. The hike itself is relatively easy, but it does have some pretty steep inclines. The 1.1 mile hike to the trailhead is an impressive finish to the large waterfall. When you first get there you can't really tell, but it's constantly being fed by two ... read more
White River
First Waterfall
First Waterfall Front

After leaving Crater's of the Moon we followed the Snake River to Baker City , Oregon. Here there is an Interpretive Center for the Oregon Trail. The display is enormous with mounts of real oxen teams pulling wagons and horses and riders. It is so lifelike that we came away feeling like we had seen the real thing and had a SMALL glimpse of the hardships these folks went through. But unlike those pioneers when we got back to the campground Ron flew his RC glider in a mowed hay field and we made ice cream in a bag which worked just like it was supposed to and was pretty tasty. An aside - the folks here in Oregon are some of the most considerate drivers we have ever seen. If you only look like you ... read more
Deschutze River
Mt. Hood
Latourell Falls

North America » United States » Oregon » Columbia River Gorge September 26th 2009

We checked out of the Timberline Lodge and drove to nearby Trillium Lake, which we’d heard was a photo opportunity waiting to happen. It did not disappoint, and we shot many a postcard-like photo of the lake with Mt. Hood rising above it in the distance. We took the 2 mile trail around it, and enjoyed the relatively solo trek through forests and meadows surrounding the little lake. Then we headed north, and as we came down in elevation, we entered the beautiful rolling hills of an agricultural area chock full of apple orchards and vineyards. Eventually we reached the Columbia River, which was impressive in size and scenery. Heading west, the first stop we made was at the historic Bonneville Fish Hatchery—which was a surprisingly interesting operation in a lovely setting. (Thanks for the tip, ... read more
Fish Hatchery
Multnomah Falls
Columbia River Gorge

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