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October 8th 2018
Published: July 2nd 2019
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Brookings, Oregon 2018Brookings, Oregon 2018Brookings, Oregon 2018

Here we are in Brookings at my favorite beach Lone Ranch.
Saturday October 6

We left at 4:30 in the morning with the intent of eating at Waffle House and still getting to the airport an hour early. Unfortunately, it took longer at the Waffle House than I expected and when we got to the airport all the parking lots were full. We finally found a parking space and made it to the shuttle pick-up place, but the shuttle didn't come for another 10 minutes. By the time we made it to check in, we were late. They would not check in our bags and made us take them through security. Of course we had stuff in them that was prohibited to go through security and Rob ended up losing his Swiss Army knife. Even though we rushed as fast as we could we still missed our plane. Delta arranged for us to take another flight but it got us in much later than originally planned. We flew to Atlanta where we had a 6 hour layover then on to Salt Lake City and then finally to Medford. It was 9:30 when we got to Medford and went to get our rental car. Because we were so late the rental agency
Our DeckOur DeckOur Deck

What a gorgeous view from the deck at our Airbnb.
gave away our car. All they had left was a pickup truck which would not work for us. Luckily another agency had one vehicle left, a Jeep Grand Cherokee. After finally getting that we drove the two hours on over to Brookings. It was midnight when we got there and we were so tired we just crashed.

Sunday, October 7

We woke up to the most beautiful view of the ocean. The house we're staying in had beautiful panoramic vistas overlooking the ocean, it was gorgeous. The house itself was very nicely furnished and decorated. We took our time getting around and Doug, Brook and the girls as well as Mom, Rob, Laurel and myself then went to the harbor for lunch. We ate at the hungry clam restaurant and then went to Slugs, Stones and Ice Cream Cones for dessert. Everything was delicious and I got my homemade clam chowder. Yum. After that we went up to Lone Ranch Beach, my favorite beach in the world. Rob, me and Laurel as well as Brook and the girls went down to the beach. Doug and Mom took naps in the cars while we frolicked. Doug later joined us

My brother and sister in law looking out to sea.
and we ended up spending several hours on the beach. Doug and Brook and the girls went and checked out thrift shops while Mom, Rob, Laurel and me went shopping at Fred Meyer. By the time we were done shopping it was nearly time for dinner, so we picked up pizzas from Wild River and took them back to the beach house. We watched a good movie called 100 foot journey and then we all went to bed.

Monday October 8

We all got up early and left Brookings by 9 a.m.. We needed to be in Cave Junction by 11 a.m. to meet up with Jerry and Ann at their house. Unfortunately, Jerry was not up to visitors but we stayed and spoke with Ann, reminiscing and catching up for over an hour. It was very nice. We left there and headed to Taylor Sausage where we hoped to see the bear that Dan had hit and Taylor had stuffed, but it was no longer there. But we had some delicious Taylor dogs and other fixin's. Then we went over to Dairy Queen for French fries and ice cream. It was here that we parted ways with
My RockMy RockMy Rock

The girls posing on top of my favorite rock at Lone Ranch Beach.
Doug, Brook, my mom and the girls. They went to Doug and Brooks new house and we went back to the beach house. Rob, Laurel and I decided to check out Chrissy Beach not far down the road from us. It was a lovely Beach with a river flowing beside it. We had a great time looking for rocks, skipping stones and otherwise just enjoying the views and the smell of the ocean. We got back to the beach house in time to see the sunset and then we headed off to dinner. We ate at a local steakhouse, which was pretty expensive but the food was good. We came back to the beach house and decided to watch miraculous ladybug. Rob and I decided to try out the upstairs room for the night.

Tuesday October 9

This day was Laurel's 16th birthday so it was her day to decide what she wanted to do. We all got around fairly early and had brunch at Mattie's restaurant. Laurel had crepes I had chocolate chip pancakes and Rob had an omelet. All was delicious. Then we headed down to Crescent City. I took them on a tour of Pebble
Grand view.Grand view.Grand view.

My phone takes great shots of Lone Ranch beach.
Beach Drive where I used to live and was surprised to find that the house has been painted and was being remodeled. But the beach was as beautiful as always and we got a good look at the Lighthouse as we drove by. We went to Ocean World where we had a very nice time and managed to get some souvenirs at the gift shop. After Ocean World we headed up to Endert's to look out over the ocean at the overlook and take lots of pictures . Then we decided to head inland to the Redwoods. We stopped at Walker Road and walked the Simpson Reed Trail, it was so pretty. Laurel really seemed to like it and she climbed on a lot of trees. We hiked the mile-long loop through the Redwoods taking lots of pictures. Then we decided to head down to Crescent Beach to take a little stroll. Crescent Beach is a huge long beach with a wide stretch of sand that is great for sand art. There was a woman creating a work of art on the beach as we walked down there. It was really windy but so so beautiful. We even saw some

Rob looking out to sea from our deck.
horseback riders on the beach, and I took lots of pictures. Turns out my cell phone takes pretty good pictures. By the time we left there, we were getting pretty hungry and Laurel decided she wanted to eat at the beach house so we used Hurry In ?Curry to bring us some Italian food. So we ate our food, listened to the ocean and watched the sunset. Then we just relaxed, watched a little TV and Rob and Laurel did some stargazing. It was a lovely day. I even got to embarrass Laurel at Mattie's for her birthday..

Wednesday October 10

On this morning we got up at our leisure and just chilled. I checked in with Mary to see how things were going at home. All seems to be going well.
We went out to eat at Dairy Queen then went to the Dollar Store and to a gift shop to buy souvenirs. We came back to the beach house and relaxed, took naps and then headed out to Harris Beach. We made our way over to the split in the rock and checked out the tide pools and then to the other side of the beach

Laurel modeling a squid head at Ocean World in Crescent City on her 16th birthday.
to watch the beautiful sunset. We ate dinner at the Catalyst restaurant where we all had seafood, and it was pretty good. Then we came back to the beach house to relax for the evening.

Thursday October 11

We got up at our leisure. It was a beautiful, clear day and we could easily see St George Lighthouse from the beach house. We got to talking about the lighthouse and the Brother Jonathan shipwreck and so we decided to try to see the museum in Crescent City. The museum was closed but we didn't mind, we just explored a little of Crescent City and walked the jetty. We had lunch at the Seaquake Brewery which had excellent clam chowder and fish tacos. On our way back to Brookings we stopped at a lovely gift shop and art gallery. We got a few small things but marveled at all of the beautiful craft work of the artists that she featured. We went back to the house for a little while and changed clothes then went off to Lone Ranch Beach. It was so beautiful that I hated to leave since this is the last day on the beach. But

Opening in rock at Harris Beach.
we had a good time and Laurel got to climb alot of rocks. We decided to head back to the beach house for sunset and picked up KFC along the way. The sunset was gorgeous as always and after the sunset we enjoyed watching the Moon as it dropped closer to the Sea.

Friday October 12

We awoke to another gorgeous day and brilliant clear skies. We could clearly see the St. George lighthouse. We hated to leave, but by 10 am we had to head inland to go to Doug and Brook's house in Rocky Point. It was a long 3 hour drive, so we broke it up by stopping in Grants Pass for lunch at Rob's favorite, Sizzler. It was really good and everyone was satisfied. Then it was on to Medford where we decided to catch another Dutch Bros along the way. While we were getting our drinks, Mom called to let us know that her and Doug were in Medford and wondered if we would like to go to the VA cemetery where my Dad and Uncle Mel are buried. So we met Doug and Mom there and spent a little time paying our

Horses on the beach, beautiful.
respects at the cemetery. We then followed Doug and Mom onto Doug's new house. Doug gave us a scare along the way, as he fell asleep at the wheel and we saw him drift into oncoming traffic, barely correcting before swiping into an oncoming car! Thanks to God's Grace, we all made it safely to Doug and Brook's new house. It was very nice and we were very happy that they got a house they love. The girls even each have their own rooms. Brook made us an unbelievably good meal and we spent some time checking out the place and enjoying family. We had to go to bed early, as we had to leave early in the morning so that we did not miss another flight.

Saturday October 13

We got up at 3 am and headed out at 4 am to drive the hour long drive to the airport. We did get there on time this time and had an uneventful flight to San Francisco. Our flight there was delayed for an hour and a half due to electrical problems on the plane that they had to repair. Thankfully, we had no problems in the air
Got herGot herGot her

I tricked Laurel in to posing in front of the waves as a big on rolled in. LOL
and although we were later than expected, we arrived in Nashville safely. We got our bags and drove the 2 hours from Nashville. We arrived home around 11:30 pm Kingston time and we were exhausted. So ended our trip to Oregon.

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Looking upLooking up
Looking up

So tall.

Laurel and Rob are dwarfed by the Redwoods.

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