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North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa June 15th 2010

Ahhhhhhh............we slept so good last night in the rain. I just love listening to it as it beats down on the rooftop. However, its not very peaceful as it drips onto your forehead at 3:00 in the morning. I thought I was dreaming but soon realized that there really was water in my ear. We had a minor leak but all is okay......Tim fixed it right up and we were fast asleep. I jumped in the shower around 8:00 and much to my surprise, I was taking a COLD shower again. I was confused because I knew that I had gotten up at 7:00 and turned the hot water heater on so as to not have a repeat of yesterday's shower. My 'soft" scream must have awaken Tim because I heard him rambling around and I ... read more
Entrance to Stockyards City where the cowboys buy, sale and trade cattle in Oklahoma City.
The famous Cattlemen's Cafe where we had dinner in Oklahoma City.
The entrance to the Oklahoma City National Memorial

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa May 22nd 2010

Hi All, The Blogs are going to get done, we are so tired, it is taking longer to do. We're trying to put them together on the road and then download them at night. So here is day 6... We got up this morning in Tulsa Oklahoma and the clouds are super dark. We ate breakfast at a restaurant and by the time we came out there was a lightening storm. We stayed in front of the storm, we got lots of rain, tons of rain. We watched the lightening for quite some time. We heard thunder a couple of times. We made it to Missouri about 10:14 am and stopped at the visitors center. Oklahoma and Missouri have been so green and forested, it is really neat. Our Room at the motel6 last night smelled ... read more
Tulsa Oklahoma
Mighty Mississippi
Made it to the Mississippi

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa August 5th 2009

Wow the landscape is changing into the wide open and the temperature is rising .... today we were at 99°F!! We entered Cherokeeland and stopped to see the largest Totem Pole (by Ed Galloway) and we wanted to stroll the streets of Tulsa ... but due to a Country Music concert all motels (reasonable priced ones) were booked solid so we decided to continue and stopped in Stroud, Home of the Tigers. Tomorrow we'll chase the cowboys in Okalhoma City.... read more
Ed Galloway's Totem Pole Park
and a very colourful too
Turtle has a heavy load

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa June 1st 2009

We took a little side trip up to Kansas City on Sunday. After a couple hours of riding, we arrived at the Nelson Museum near the Plaza in Kansas City. I tend to forget how fantastic that place is. Ancient stone figures from Egypt in the time of Moses reminds me of our today's scripture of Moses leaving the luxury of the palace in Egypt and fleeing to the land of Midian after he killed the Egyptian overseer. Exodus 2:11-22 I've always believed that Moses could not have become the man he was had he not gone to the desert of Midian. It was there he found a wife, and it was there that he found God. We forget that during the period of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God dealt with people not as a group ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa December 22nd 2008

I just wanted to let everyone know I made it back safe and sound! I had a really good flight and made it into Tulsa about 10:10 p.m. on Wednesday, December 17th. It was a quick trip and I am still trying to get over my jet lag but it improves daily. Thanks again for all who supported my endeavor in finances, prayers, and encouragement. I have many memories and lots of stories. I will never forget my time in Moscow!... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa November 13th 2008

Even Further Behind Here we are, actually on day 22 and we're still trying to post for days 4-6. We're going to forego much verbiage and let the pictures give a clue of what we've done in order to try and make some progress on postings. Who knows if we'll ever succeed at catching up. Obviously, our priority is enjoying our time so guess you'll all just have to understand (or not) We'll be in Sedona, AR for Thanksgiving. Now, going back to days 4-6. Day 4 - Tuesday, November 11th - St. Louis, MO An absolute highlight day of our trip. We had lunch with Aunt Rose (Rita's dad's sister), and cousins Jan and June. It was a treat to catch up with the families. Aunt Rose and Jan had been in Milwaukee a couple ... read more
One last wave and farewell for now
Gray Summit, MO
Gray Summit, MO Gardenway

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa October 6th 2008

Hello All! It's been a while since I last updated everyone on my status. I have finally received my VISA from the Russian Consulate and things are in order as far as the government is concerned for my arrival in Moscow. I received word from the Moses' (resident Missionaries) this weekend that their VISA's have been denied and they will be returning to the states in December. I feel even greater urgency to go since God has allowed me to received access to Russia via my student VISA. He told me that there will be four of us (AIMers) in Moscow and the local pastor and his wife. Other than that there are no resident missionaries in this massive country. I know God has a plan and I am trying to let Him lead me as ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa September 2nd 2008

August 29th has come and gone and I am still stateside. Had I been able to depart I would now be attending the first week of my language classes and adapting to life in Moscow. However, God has different plans for me. Having finally received my letter of invitation I am now enduring the second process of obtaining my VISA. Mostly I am just waiting and trying to be patient. The Russian Consulate website says that it takes 10 business days to obtain a Russian VISA. I'm holding out hope that this is true and will not turn out like the letter of invite which took almost two months to receive. As of right now I do not have a departure date set but will play things by ear and take it one day at a ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa August 26th 2008 letter of invitation from Moscow State University has finally arrived from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs! Now I have to send it (along with my HIV certification, VISA application, and photos) to the Russian Consulate in Houston for VISA processing. Hopefully this will not take long (their website says 5-10 business days) but after the wait on my letter I'm not hopefull it will be a speedy process. Good news though, I was able to get a full refund on my airfare. This is a great blessing because now I will be able to get a new ticket once I have my VISA in hand. I thought I might have to transfer the funds to another flight. I did not want to do this because I am not 100% sure when my departure will be ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa August 22nd 2008

I heard from the university today. They have given me a tracking number to track my letter of invitation that is needed for my VISA. I still not sure when it will arrive and then I have to send it off to the Russian Consulate for VISA processing. So it does not look like I will be leaving as originally planned, but pending a postive outcome on my VISA I will be leaving in the near future!!!! Continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers. ... read more

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