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Published: April 15th 2016
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Oklahoma City (April 15, 2016) Like old Willie Nelson crooned, "just can't wait to get on the road again!" This time I'm playing a bit of catch up. The full team left for Chengdu a couple of days ago so don't expect to get any news from them till I get there and start my investigative journalism. They've arrived in Chengdu and the most exciting thing that happened was discovering that there now is an official coffee shop in the hospital with WiFi and gourmet coffees! A far cry from the good old days where we literally could find tea...but no coffee in a city of 12 million people! The team includes Dr. Farris (very senior faculty), Dr. Jeremy Tan (senior resident), Dr. Jonathan Perkins (senior resident), and two ophthalmologists from Kaiser Permanente in northern California: Drs. Paul Chen and Yun Liu. Other than the residents, we've all been to Chengdu together many times, so this is a bit of a homecoming. Looking forward to arriving, but a few stops before. Will be heading to New York for a meeting and then Monday making the trip from JFK to Shanghai and on to Chengdu. I may as well spend some time on the Space Station!


16th April 2016

Wish I was there, too!
Maisy and I were in Chengdu last November to bring home our baby girl, Poppy! We met wonderful people, saw the pandas, ate some awesome hotpot and took in the opera! Maisy will be so excited that "her Doctor H." is bringing sight to the blind in a city (and country) that we love! Safe travels!

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