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Published: March 15th 2012
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March 15, 2012 (Oklahoma City, OK) We're at the Will Rogers World Airport ready to embark for the other side of the world. Meeting up with the entire team members - still not sure how many are going. Our DMEI team is 4 people: Dr. Farris, Dr. Hobbs, Dr. Adesina and myself (Hobbs and Adesina are senior residents). We're all counting on Adesina (of Nigerian heritage) to guide us through this trip, but I think he's more Okie than Nigerian! He said he stands out in Nigeria too...because he's bigger than most Nigerians. Ron Hobbs thinks its because his parents fed him too much. I think it's because he wears a USA baseball cap! 😊

Lots of luggage with strange medical equipment and supplies. We got it all checked through just fine...now we'll see how easy it is to get through customs in South Africa and Swaziland!

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Dr. Farris and Adesina loading up. Actually they're just watching Hue do the work!
So many bags!So many bags!
So many bags!

Ron Hobbs had one suitcase just for underwear. No wonder he's going into retina.
At the airport...At the airport...
At the airport...

Now hauling it all in to the gate.

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