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May 3rd 2011
Published: May 4th 2011
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When I first arrive I walked into a store to buy a coffee (not a real coffee. They don't have such a thing!) and looked behind the counter where the cigarettes were diplayed. Next to the cigarettes are all these tins about the size of shoe polish. I thought to myself, "That's a funny place to display nugget". They must be very keen on clean polished shoes. Well not so. But everyones shoes are really dirty.

A few days later after the blur of flying for 28 hours had worn off and everything wasn't so fuzzy I noticed these locals with tins in their back pocket of their jeans. But for some reason they kept turning away and spitting on the ground. Their lower lip seems to bulge out like the shrimp fisherman on "Forrest Gump"

Now to join the dots, they chew snuff. Well more correctly the suck the stuff but they don't swallow 'cos it akes them sick like vomit sick so the spit. They spit all day every day. They push a wad of this stuff from the "nugget tin" into their lower lip and suck on it untill it looses it's flavour.

Mate, if you think smoking is disgusting you ain't seen nothing. I met a young lass the other day who "chewed". Not a good look trust me.


P.S the nugget tims next to the cigarettes was chewing tobacco.
P.P.S No I'm not going to take a photo.


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