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September 27th 2012
Published: September 27th 2012
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Storm AheadStorm AheadStorm Ahead

No Rainbows
Our travel paths separated from Sam & Sandy's in Indianapolis as we continued on in an Easterly direction. We are back in the Eastern Time Zone so lost an hour ...... Our internal clocks will really get mixed up when we have to deal with Daylight Savings Time. We won't know if we are coming or going but sometimes that is par for the course. Last night was spent in South Charleston, Ohio at a very small and simple campground. I think most of the campers there were permanent homes. There was a fancier park across the road but I saw a "wrong way" sign and told Cory he couldn't drive there...the sign was for something else....oh, well. We just needed a port in the storm as the sky had become black up ahead. We also wanted some electric to charge the batteries fully. At the fancy campground, there was a small restaurant that we walked to where we got pizza before the rains came. The bountiful buffets are just a far-away memory now.....but I can easily realize them in the mirror.

We are back on the road again. Home is 393 miles away......maybe we will get there today...maybe
South Charleston, OhioSouth Charleston, OhioSouth Charleston, Ohio

Beaver Valley Campground
not. We are flexible. The weather is dreary and overcast with light rain....heavier rain ahead. It is not as easy or pleasant driving in the rain. We did not see many pretty sunsets and NO rainbows on this trip but we did see a lot of places and friends we didn't plan to see which totally made up for it. Life continues to be good for us.

Before we left on our trip, we ordered a new tow car. We are getting a 2013 black Ford Flex. When we ordered it, we researched it and found it to be a good car to tow and it was going to be easy for Chip to get in and out. It will be good to tow, now. Our orange, Honda Element has served us well. It was good for Chip and we could haul a lot of stuff in it....which seems to be most of the time. It was miserable for adults to get into the back seat, however. It had suicide doors and a whopper of a high step to get in and out....I had to use a stool as I am not as flexible anymore. You almost had

Lulu Stalking Deer
to put your knee under your chin to step up.....like they do in Cirque du Soleil. This new car will be wonderful.....no more stool....just slide in and sit down......another Beaulah Land. The other day, the car dealership called and said our car was in and ready for us when we get there.....more to look forward to!

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27th September 2012

Home Sweet Home
Glad you had a great vacation but like me I am sure you will be glad to be home for a while. Holidays are coming which I am sure will keep you busy and then there is Tropical Palms in January. We will be very anxious to see you guys since we will be there on November 15 two months before you. Looking forward to good times at TP. Take care and now that your travels are coming to an end keep in touch you have my telephone number. Counting the days till we get together!!!!!!!
27th September 2012

That's when we shall see you and we will be so happy to be with you again. You are probably looking forward to TP to relax and put the rough times behind you. Until then....stay well & in touch.

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