Week 5 - Enon with the Sherwood's

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July 15th 2010
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Week 5 - Enon Camp with Jimmy Collins and Rikki

This week I stayed with the Sherwoods which was in Yellow Springs, the next town from Enon. No families from our camp volunteered to host us so the Sherwoods had volunteered as they had been to the Yellow Spring Challenger camp a few weeks prior and had hosted some of my friends. I lived with Jennifer(mum), Tim(dad), Andy (16) and Aaron (12). Jimmy also lived with us. I worked 9-12, 9-11 with the mini soccer kids, I had 6 of them and they were great! Then from 11-12 i helped out with the World Cup tornament with the older kids. Jimmy and Rikki also worked in the evenings but I had it off! Wahoo!

Camp was really good, and it was a really hot week! Popsicles at the end of camp kept everyone happy though. On the sunday night when we got there, it was July 4th so we went to a big firework display! It was really good and the fireworks were brill! During the week, we went to the outside pool one day which was crazy, it was full of kids everywhere! We also went to the air force museum (some bits were ok, some were boring!) had things like the planes that dropped the atomic bombs etc! And some space stuff too. We also went to the cinema one night and watched Twilight Eclipse. The boys said it was the worst film they had ever seen, but I thought it was ok! Just ok though. Andy and Aaron were always playing on their Xbox and Wii so played on there alot with them too. Jennifer really spoilt me with vegan food which I loved!! I had loads of vegan deserts and she made some great meals too!

One night me, Rikki and Jimmy went to the local pub for a few drinks. On Friday, we went shopping to the mall which was good, I gave in to temptation and bought a dress and top! On the Friday night, me and the coaches and our two families went out to a posh restaurant for tea! Afterwards, we went back to Rikki's house and went in the hot tub! Rikki's host dad made his own cider so we were drinking some of that in the tub, it was good!

On Saturday, all the coaches went back to the hotel and we had a massive soccer tornament. We had foru teams and played 3 30 minute games. In our first game we drew 1-1 and I scored the goal, which got us our only point as we lost all our other games and came last with just 1 point! Found out I was the first female to score in that tornament ever 😊 We then all went out that night into Cincinnati which was good!

On the Sunday morning I had to get up for an 8.45am meeting (Ouch!) and then had a relaxing day after that. Had a meeting again at 2.45 and found out I was going Indian Hill, which is just 5 minutes away from Cincinnati so we stayed at the hotel until 5.30pm and watched the world cup final in b-dubz (Buffalo wild wings-not the best place for me to get food!) and then went and met our families at 6pm.


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