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September 20th 2010
Published: September 20th 2010
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Today is Thursday, August 26, 2010. I have been in Ohio for exactly one week. At six am on Thursday, August 19, 2010 my friend, Kay, and I hit the road for a ten hour ride to Ohio. we were going there to visit her mom. Kay is a close friend of mine who asked me to go with her on her eight day vacation. So, we traveled through Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and finally arrived in Ohio. we hit little traffic and there ride was beautiful; there were clear, blue, sunny skies with wonderful scenery. Thursday night we went to this Japanese steak house which was really neat and delicious! I snapped a picture of the chef making an onion volcano; it blew fire! On Thursday night we also set up the camping tent as a dry run for Friday night camping! I had never set up a tent before, so it was a little bit challenging, but we got it set up just fine!
On Friday, Kay, her mom, and I got up early and set off for a one night camping trip to Illinois, which was also where her family reunion was being held. We got to Fox Ridge State Park, in southern Illinois by Greenup, on Friday afternoon and set up the camping tent and our campsite. We had to go out to Wal-Mart and buy me a new air mattress because the ones Kay’s mom had were old and they had holes that refused to be patched! During camping, we made a fire, explored a couple trails with the dogs, Lala, a yorkie-poodle and Winston, a yorkie, cooked some cheesy braughtworst and potato salad, had smores, and went to sleep. That night while sleeping in the tent, a thunderstorm dumped rain on us and got everything wet, except the inside of the tent. I think the storm hit around 1am because I woke up to the thunder and had to pee really bad but just went back to sleep because I didn't want to go out in the rain just to use the restroom! I slept through the storm just fine, but Kay and her mom did not sleep as well because, as I found out, Kay is afraid of thunderstorms! With everything being wet, it made it slightly difficult to clean and pack up the next morning because we had to leave by 11am to get to the family reunion by noon, even though it only ended up being like ten minutes away! That morning, we ate bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast made out of hot dog buns!
On Saturday we went to the family reunion. It was very interesting...uh her family is very different. I did not really talk to anyone other than her cousin Josh and I played with the dogs. the food was yummy though! Each person brought a dish and they served it buffet style. Kay and her mom made meatballs while we were camping and brought them in a crock-pot, they were very yummy, even though they were made with ketchup and grape jelly! The reunion was held in BFE, but it was gorgeous there. The weather was nice, breezy, clear sunny skies, not too hot or cold; it was held by a lake and there was a picnic shelter area and an indoor area as well, where the food was. After the reunion, we drove to Lincoln, Illinois to visit Kay’s grandma (her father's mom). We attended a Catholic church service when we first got there because her grandma goes to church on Saturday night. I was not too in to that at all, and I actually ended up laughing during the service because I have never been to a catholic service before. darning the , supposed, most holy part of the service, the alter boys ring bells, and of course I was not expecting that so I giggled a little and then her mom did and it just went back and forth for a couple min. I had to take a lot of deep breaths to stop myself; it was embarrassing, but hilarious! So after that experience, we went back to her grandmother's house and ordered some pizzas for dinner and her grandma made pumpkin blossoms, which are fried and surprisingly good! Kay and her mom slept in the tent and I slept on her grandma's couch.
On Sunday, we went to Wal-Mart and got flowers to put on her mom's grave and Kay’s grandpa's grave. Then we visited the graves; I stayed in the car. We, Kay, her mom, grandma, me and a friend that her mom saw and invited to come (a very old ex boyfriend) went to Culvers, which is a glorified fast food restaurant, but was decently good. Then came the long car ride back to Ohio. We stopped at an antique shop for like an hour and browsed around while the dogs stayed in the car, with the A/C on, spoiled things! I did not buy anything, but I was looking for a shot glass or some kind of cool souvenir from Illinois or Ohio. Kay got a big quilt thing and her mom got a pink glass cat set or something. Then we got back on the road. I think we stopped about a million times to let the dogs out to go pee. We stopped in Indiana to eat dinner. The food was ok, not anything special, but Kay had a migraine so it was not that enjoyable, and they were worried about the dogs in the car the whole time which was slightly annoying. we finally got back to her mom’s condo at like 1am. We all went to sleep for the night.
On Monday, Kay and her mom got up early to take Lala to the vet at 9:30am. She had not been feeling well the entire trip. They were gone for a long time so I just pittled around. When they got back we had to clean up the camping stuff which took a few hours. Then Winston had a training class at petsmart at 8pm, which ended up not happening because it had ended the week before and her mom did not know. So then we got some ice cream at this "famous" ice cream shop, which I don't remember the name of! I got a chocolate sprinkle waffle cone with black raspberry ice cream; it was delicious! Then we watched the movie Dear John on demand on the television. I liked the movie a lot and will probably watch it again!
On Tuesday we got up early and went to Hocking Hills to go canopy zip lining. That was a lot of fun. We had to get all of our equipment on, harnesses, gloves, and helmets and they instructors attached my camera to one of the harnesses. I took a lot of pictures and a couple of videos while I was on the zip lines. It was so pretty in the wilderness and we got to go on a zip line parallel to the Hocking creek/river. We also went on some bridges which were a part of the zip course. I bought a tee shirt, my only souvenir! after the zip lining adventure, we drove to Rock house which is a historic place associated with the Indians, I believe. We had to hike around some trails to get there, but once we got there it was really neat! there were huge caverns and rocks; I got a lot of pictures. Actually, I am not sure when we watched the movie, it might have been on Tuesday!
On Wednesday I slept in. We ran errands, cleaned house, and had to host an advocare mixer. It was interesting, like a vitamin/supplement thing, but there was not a good turn out. Then we went out to dinner at this Mexican place. It was awful because Kay’s order was wrong and her mom's order was wrong. They both got moody so the dinner was kind of awkward. After dinner we got donuts and went home.
Today is Thursday (8/26/10). I have done nothing today. I am bored to death which is why I am writing down how the trip went, because I literally have nothing else to do. The entire trip has, in my opinion, been a bust and I should not have come. Kay has acted like an ass hole almost the whole time. She barely talks to me and is sooo quiet. When I try to start a conversation with her she kind of gives me an attitude or acts like she does not want to talk. I have decided that I do not want to move in to an apartment with her because it would be torture! I have realized that she is not the best friend I though we were; we are only friends. I thought that maybe since her mom had to work the whole day today that we could do something together, but no... when I got up at 11am she was not even here. She left me a note saying that she went to run errands and would be back soon. I was up an hour and still she was not back so I went to take a shower and when I got out and came downstairs, I said hey and that is all she said back. I asked what was wrong with her and she said she was tired so I asked why and she said because she got up at ten because she had to run errands. I do not understand why she could not just wait to go when I got up but she gave an attitude when I asked so I just left it alone. she has not said one word barely to me since then and has just been pittling around the house and now she is taking a nap.


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