How To Measure My Year: Some Useful and Not So Useful Stats

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March 24th 2012
Published: March 24th 2012
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Hello all you faithful blog readers! I have finally made it back home and for the first time in a long time, I have no flights or trips booked. To wrap up my year of traveling and blogging I figured I would make the last entry an epic three part series that tell the stats, questions I'm asked, and what I learned and could teach others! So if you have any questions please message me and I will do my best to answer them. Now for some of the good stuff, and before you ask, all of these stats are as accurate as I could get them and true... ENJOY!

Continents visited: 5 of 7

Continents visited three times on this trip: 2 (Asia & Europe)

Countries visited: 29

Countries visited for the first time: 25

Countries visited twice on this trip alone (for one reason or another): 6

Countries visited that begin with the letter “C”: 4

Number of times I crossed the equator: 6 (this doesn't count the hundreds of times when I was standing on it in Ecuador)

Number of times I crossed the Atlantic Ocean: 4

Days outside of Cleveland: 333

Rough total of distanced traveled: 82,000 miles or 130,600 kilometers. If you follow the equator, that is roughly 3.3 times around the planet or just over a third of the way to the moon.

Flights: 43 (not counting the hot air balloon, helicopter tour, or skydiving)

Total flight time not counting layovers or 2-hour check in: 189 hours or almost 8 full days

Total flight distances: 66,412 miles (106,880 kilometers)

Number of miles I get towards the respective airline reward program: 37,494 (although I am still trying on several of the longer flights)

Number of times I jumped out of a plane: 1 (don't worry, I was skydiving)

# of boat rides / trips: 35

Days spent on boats: At least 11. I did at least three boat trips that were at least 3 days / 2 nights each in addition to several more boat trips

Bus trips from one city to another: 45+

Overnight buses: 14

Total bus time: 402 hours or just under 17 full days

Trains on: 11

Overnight trains: 6

Total train time: 102 hours or 4.25 full days

*** Rough guess of time spent traveling from one city to another: 1,150 hours or 48 days out of a 333 day trip

Different hostels, places, or beds stayed in: 129

Best hostel overall: Traveller’s House; Lisbon, Portugal

The other top ranked hostels:

Submarino; Florianopolis, Brazil

La Empedrado; Mendoza, Argentina

Colonial House; Quito, Ecuador

Loki del Mar; Mancora, Peru

Worst hostels overall (both because of the staff):

Oakwood Manor; Auckland, New Zealand

Green House Hostel; Bonito, Brazil

Country with the best food: Argentina

Best meal: La Cabrara; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best meal runner up: Nicci’s pasta; Campervan throughout Australia

Most common brand seen around the world: Coca-Cola

Most common restaurant seen around the world: McDonalds (runner-up: Subway)

Total weight change: Lost 21 pounds (thats 9.5 kilograms or 1.5 stones)

Number of times I went over a week without going number two: 5

Number of times Nicci made me do yoga: 3

Most mosquito bites I had at one time: 21

Number of times I said, “Does this bite look like Malaria?”: 16

Number of times I got married: 0

Total number of friendship bracelets: 11

Number of friendship bracelets that haven’t fallen off yet: 2

Funniest Injury: A girl was talking to someone while walking outside a bus station in Ecuador when she walked right into a curb designed to stop buses. The curb probably goes up to just below her knee and she fell directly over it face first into the ground. I am still laughing when I write this.

Funniest fall runner up: Nicci’s slow-motion three stage fall in front of many tourists on an Inca ruin in Peru

More funny moments: Nicci getting stuck in sniper hideout in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Nicci carrying me back to the hostel that was just 200 yards away after eating a hash cookie in Sydney, Australia.

Number of sites/activities that left me speechless: 4

The best of those sites/activities: Sunrise on the partially flooded Salt Flats in Bolivia

Trip Cost: I really have no idea how much it cost me (yet), but it was more expensive then planned because I flew halfway around the world to 6 countries on one-way tickets to meet back up with Nicci. I will write more about the price on my final blog entry.

Modes of transport:

Airplane, hot air balloon, helicopter, parachute, car, public bus, private bus, taxi, tuk-tuk, songthaew, Stray bus, coach, campervan, jeep, rental car, hitch hiking, bicycle, motorbike, motorcycle taxi, Segway, motor boat, junk boat, ferry, riverboat, bamboo raft, canoes, kayak, sail boat, tubing, train, sleeper train, underground, metro, tram, walking, running, jumping, skipping, ice skates, roller blades, cable cars, swimming, fins & snorkels, hiking, crampons, piggybacking, elephant, horse.

Animals I saw (not counting common things like ants or mosquitos):

Orcas or Killer-whales, pandas, humpback whales, albatross, dolphins, elephants, seals, variety of monkeys, sea lions, glowworms, bulls, reef sharks, squid, jellyfish, kangaroos, tree kangaroo, koalas, alligators, crocodiles, cayman, snakes, spiders, pirana, eagles, possums, tigers, bears, horse, sheep, cow, llama, alpacas, foxes, cassowaries, tons of exotic colorful fish, wild turkeys, stingrays, dingos, wombats, platypus, tasmanian devil, flamingoes, giant anteater, bats, iguanas, frogs, anacondas, capybaras, tuscans, and I’m probably forgetting much more but

****most importantly all the hostel dogs and cats that were always so much fun to play with and making me feel at home (especially Nicci’s cat Lazy Daisy aka Chunky Butt, Rose the cat from Fiji and Charlie the dog from Brazil)


24th March 2012

I love lists... this one is great!! we did something similar when we came back from our big trip :o)

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