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September 9th 2010
Published: September 9th 2010
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Peace Out, Man!Peace Out, Man!Peace Out, Man!

Still crazy after all these years, and at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Day 7: Indiana to Cleveland, Ohio
Peace, Joy and Love Brothers and Sisters,
We had a groovy afternoon at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and despite a few flashbacks we again survived the 60's. I even noticed a few admiring glances at my faux lizard skin jeans....I choose to think they were admiring, anyway, and not "OMG! did you see what that old bat was wearing?" (By the way, this is Max writing and not John doing a complete fashion statement turnaround.)
And yes! we are finally making headway towards the east coast. In fact, leaving Indiana, we are heading to ever more uncharted-except for the GPS- territory.
FOODIE ALERT! On the way out of Indiana (which was by the way ever so much prettier than the way going into Indiana) into Ohio, I was on my droid looking for a lunch spot. (John decided to throw a curve at me and updated my phone to a phone/camera/computer thingee...for a solid week I could not figure out how to make a phone call, however I got pretty good at connecting with two wrong numbers simultaneously. The good news is that I am getting better at typing on a keyboard
Into OhioInto OhioInto Ohio

We're heading East!
the size of a business card and surfing the net in the car.) How wonderful, it turns out, that we were heading straight for AMP 150 at the Airport Marriott in Cleveland, with its Rising Star Young Chef and creative, fresh, and organic menu. So, while we waited for our room to be readied for us, we debated whether my chicken soup, with an incredible hominy corn dumpling, avocado, radish, lime, and cilantro was better than John's Sea Salt Fries with Lemon Aioli. Now we are trying to figure out how to stay here for lunch tomorrow while still getting to Niagara Falls during daylight. We decided to ignore the problem and head out to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for some loud music, fabulous guitars, and crazy clothes.
Then this evening I was again blessed with a Dinner with Cousins. I am such a lucky woman to have so many wonderful cousins. Say what you will about genealogy geeks, we do meet up with the most delightful people and tonight was no exception. We have just returned from dinner with Ohio Cousin Marilyn and her husband Marion: What sweethearts they are. From minute one, we were at

The R and R Hall of Fame
ease, laughing, and talking away: it was only the realization that we have a long travelling day ahead of us that made us end a 3 hour dinner--and Marion insisted on picking up the check. What a doll!
Now it is time to get some sleep so we can travel on and end our day in a whole new country. Talk to all of you tomorrow.

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Dinner with Marilyn and Marion. What fun!

9th September 2010
Peace Out, Man!

AHHH!!! I'm jealous! i've always wanted to go there! that's a great pic of you two. :)
15th September 2010

The 60's
Remember what Grace Slick says....if you remember the 60's you weren't there! You guy's look like your enjoying your vacation...rock on!

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