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Pam (a friend I met on my first Road Scholar trip) and I are heading up to an "independent study" Road Scholar trip in Montreal and Canada. She drove to my house, then we left together on a road trip to explore the 1,000 Islands (NY and Ontario) area, Montreal, Quebec City, and on the way back, hitting Kingston, Ontario and Niagara Falls (both sides). The "independent study" means there are fewer group tours and activities, with afternoons and evenings left on our own to explore. This trip is different from recent trips because I normally travel alone; We left Strongsville about 9 am and drove as far as Watertown, NY. It occurred to me that some of Mom's family is from the area, so it might be fun to come back later for a couple ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland Area November 4th 2017

After we left Maine on 20 Oct, we travelled to our condo in Ohio for a visit with Patrick and Troy and to get celebrate Thanksgiving with the boys. While there we took a brief road trip up to Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Cleveland waterfront. We're happy we went, because too often we never go and see sights nearest to where we live...and it's too beautiful to be missed. Next time we pass through in April we'll visit the AF museum in Dayton and the NFL Hall of Fame, but ran out of time on this visit home. It was a wonderful weather day to visit both the park and the waterfront. We also took a side trip to visit one of the Italian restaurants featured on a food channel show. The show made ... read more
Cuyahoga Valley National Park Falls

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland Area July 10th 2016

Biking on the OHIO AND ERIE CANAL TOWPATH TRAIL south of Cleveland Text and Photos last updated: 2017 Number of times on this trail: 4 Location: Cleveland - Akron and south Distance: 140 km (85 miles) Bathrooms: mostly at train stations or visitor centers Water: at train stations and other locations Benches: not many Surface: some paved but mostly packed limestone Grade: Flat The Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail is located between Cleveland and Bolivar (south of Akron) and has a distance of 140 km. Of the approximately 70 trails that we have explored in North America, this trail would rank among some of the top. The tw... read more
Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail  (21)
cayuga  (7)
Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail  (24)

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland Area July 12th 2013

Every Weekend edition of USA Today includes a Travel section. Recently they had a top ten national parks list. I had been to every one on the list except Cuyahoga Valley National Park just south of Cleveland, Ohio. This is the same Cuyahoga River that caught on fire in the late 1960's and led to America's recognition that something was very wrong environmentally with this country. We soon saw the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act, and the Environmental Protection Agency, all under President Nixon...another who knew...that he was an environmentalist!? Coincidentally, I was going to Cleveland for my cousin Larry's marriage to Jenny...flying this more driving across the Great Plains as I have done in 2010, 1011, 2012 and many times before that. Other than my attendance at the wedding, my list ... read more
Family gathering on Saturday morning
Aunt Minnie and Bonnie at cousin Margie and Shawn's home
Guests awaiting the wedding ceremony start

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland Area » Lakewood August 22nd 2012

So, I'm back home and recovering from the trip. Changing time zones is much harder now that I have full-blown lupus. Yesterday, I was like brain dead at work. I'm catching up. So... some thoughts about the trip... I really loved Switzerland. Sure, it was very expensive but when you factor in that their minimum wage is 25CHF/ hour and how safe and clean it is, I think it's worth the extra money. I'm certainly glad Michael's parents live in Switzerland as opposed to France. In Basel, everything was so clean, on-time, and efficient. I only saw police once and that was at the FC Basel game. (They bring flares into the games!! In the USA, you'd be put on the no-fly list for that!) People didn't need to lock up their bikes and you could ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland Area » Lakewood August 7th 2012

Hi, I'm back! At the request of my dad, I'm writing a travel blog again to record my trip to Europe. So, where am I going? I'm going to Europe! I leave on Friday, August 10 from Cleveland-to-Detroit-to-Amsterdam-to-Basel... *phew*... we will arrive in the afternoon on Saturday in Basel. Why? Michael, my lovely boyfriend's parents, have relocated to Basel, Switzerland because of Michael's dad's job. What? We will be visiting Switzerland (Yes... THERE'S A SOUND OF MUSIC TOUR!), Paris, France, and Germany. Basel, Switzerland is located right where Switzerland, France, and Germany meets. Highlights of trip: The Lourve, the Alps, FC Basel game, Swiss chocolates, French bread, FASHION... um. Who? Well, Michael and I are traveling together. We will be visiting his parents. I also get to visit ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland Area November 9th 2011

Gypsy hearted. Lost. Unstable. Confused. Naïve. Nomad. Soul searcher. Unbalanced. All vivid words I have heard being used by others to describe, not themselves; but more so expressed in a way to define me. Over the years I have bounced back and forth with this idea. Sometimes loving the connotation that embodies those descriptive words and sometimes hating the very fact that those same words can define me. By true definition each one of those words describes parts of me, not all of me; or parts of my path not my entire lifeline. Unfortunately, most originate with negative association and therefore when used relating to my life, choices or being; I have found it a bit unnerving. For instance, Unstable. The New Oxford American Dictionary quotes “prone to change, fail, or give way.” Prone to change. ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland Area October 13th 2011

Travel does not embody this blog entry, although in some contorted sense travel is what enticed the lessons learnt below. I write this for You. You taught me to be in love. You changed for me who I was and what I wanted, you shaped the person I am today. Your sense of wonder was contagious.You made me realize that I can choose a different life and you helped me to do so. I miss you less now than I did then, but know you served your time in my life. As a good writer once said, “miss him, send him light and love and move on.” I do this to you daily. You never judge. You get me. When I need a friend you are there. I dream about drinking wine and being old together ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland Area September 7th 2011

Greetings from Cleveland. It's been a fun but busy time since I last posted an entry. Three fairly long days and one short day (but all uneventful) to get to the Catskills of NY. Had an AWESOME time at the iPhone workshop. Met some really nice folks and learned a lot. At the end of the class I printed two of my iPhone images taken near Grandfather Mountain. I finished working on them in class. Can't wait to get home, frame them and start printing more. Spent a night in the Finger Lakes Region of NY on the way to Cleveland. Today I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thursday I head to Indianapolis for my last stop before heading back to NC on Monday. It's going to be a great weekend meeting ... read more
Hall of Fame
ZZ Top Coupe
Texaco "Big Friend"

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland Area June 15th 2011

Well, I just graduated form college and have some time off before I start my full-time job. I figured I'd do something fun with my time, so after exploring a bunch of different volunteer/adventure programs, I settled on a scuba diving reef conservation project in Thailand. For the next 4 weeks I'll be living on the island of Koh Tao. After that, I have a week or so to do who knows what. When I'm not diving, I'll be lazing on the beach, and partaking in the sort of shenanigans you've probably come to expect from me. If I'm lucky, I might even find time to have a drink or two...... read more

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