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Our day began with a drive through North Dakota. We’d arrived in Fargo after midnight last night, and set out from there this morning. We stopped in Bismark for lunch at a McDonald’s Playplace, and there was a visitor’s center catty-corner from it. I popped in to ask a bit about our drive to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and a helpful woman at the desk told me to make sure and stop at the Painted Canyon Visitor’s Center, which is close to the South Point Entrance. She said the views there are incredible, but it’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. We did stop there, and it was located just before the south entrance as she'd described. It was breathtaking! The colors of the rock formations were just stunning, and the views stretched ... read more
Painted Canyon
Painted Canyon Visitor's Center
At the Painted Canyon Visitor's Center

Friday, May 18, 2012. A bit of rain around 2:00 a.m. pattered on the tent, but no wind. Birds sang late into the night all around us. Up and "at em" at 6:30 a.m. Tom and I had a good "stick to your bones" breakfast of my concoction of Potato crowns, Spam, Goose sausage (Tom supplied) Mozzarella and Colby cheese and Eggs all mixed together and wrapped in tin foil for warming on the grill. Some coffee and juice, loaded the bikes and headed back out to U.S. Highway 85 for the trip north to the CCC camp just south of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park's north unit...a left turn just before you cross the bridge. We unloaded the bikes, registered with our names and destination, and lifted the gate at mile post 97 of the ... read more
MDH Trail Day 2 002
MDH Trail Day 2 003
Yes, this is the trail

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 Blue, blue, sky and 56 degrees. Starting mileage is 15558 today. First thing we did this morning is move our site and re-register for another night. After we accomplished that task, we started out to drive the 36 mile Scenic Loop Drive which is paved road with interpretive signs that explain the park's historical and natural features. One of the first things we wanted to do was to check out the prices to go horseback riding. On the way, we spotted two wild turkeys as we drove to the riding stables in the Peaceful Valley area of the park located about 3 miles from the campground. Here was an old homestead and horse ranch that was operational in the 1880 during the heyday of cattle ranching. The ranch house built in 1885 ... read more
AK2 Aug17 Scoria Point Overlook
AK3 Aug17 Typical badlands Mound
AK4 Aug17 We called these elephant knees

Day 1-2: Cottonwood Campground: Theodore Roosevelt National Park We leave Minnesota early and drive through torents of rain for 12 hours across Minnesota and North Dakota on I-94. We find a great campsite and decide to stay for 2 nights. Don is feeling pretty good after his surgery to replace the bone marrow of his femur with a titanium rod. There are bison in the campground including the biggest bull we had ever seen. We enjoyed a 36-mile scenic drive full of badland formations and wildlife. We saw several groupings of wild horses. It feels so wonderful to witness the freedom on our cherished wildlife. Erosion has worn away sand and clay and only the hardest materials remain, leaving the maize of colorful buttes and canyons. Roosevelt first came to the badlands in 1883 and became ... read more
Badlands landscape
Wild Horses
Wild Horses

Entry 14: Teddy Roosevelt National Park, Southern Unit, August 1, 2010 A 2-hour drive south through the Little Missouri National Grasslands lead me to the small, but “western commercialized” town of Medora, gateway to the T.R. National Park’s Southern Unit, which features a 36-mile scenic drive and offers more “close inspection” of the Badlands varied geographic features. The winding road showcases the massive length of the Badlands, and proves that, in fact, Roosevelt was right to fall in love with this place, as tough as it is. Because it was high noon, the sun was blasting down, overheating both Sophie and myself. I was determined to find water (it’s easy to see where water does flow, as dark green patches are woody trees and shrubs). There’s only one river running through, the Little Missouri, and from ... read more

Entry 13: Nature’s Politician: Teddy Roosevelt, July 31, 2010 If Yellowstone National Park is the heart of America, then Teddy Roosevelt National Park is the soul. If the North Dakota Badlands had not had such an impact of our former President, who first ventured there on a cattle-buying deal with a partner in 1883, then there’s a good chance that he would have not have started the “National Park” process going by establishing the Antiquities Act of 1906. Noting that the Plains’ large animals (buffalo in particular) were being depleted by mans’ hands in alarming numbers, one of Roosevelt’s strongest agendas was to begin to preserve similar primitive lands in America. In fact, he created 5 National Parks, and termed other lands “wildlife refuges,” allowing many to later become National Parks. Quite positive action from a ... read more
Driving All Night
Wild Horses
Finally Found Some Water!

Here are some of the pictures from North and South Dakota. Our first stop was at the Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l. Park in N. Dakota. A very different landscape from where we have been. This is what they call the bad lands. We spend a nice evening with Kevin and family and stayed at Ellsworth AFB, a very nice RV park. A storm moved in that night and gave us some neat sky pictures. From there we went on down to S. Dakota and Mount Rushmore. Topped off the day with a chuckwagon dinner and country western show, hee haw !!... read more
Canada, North and South Dakota 066
Canada, North and South Dakota 067
Canada, North and South Dakota 068

One of my last visits to Theodore Roosevelt National Park before I moved. So pretty. Animals were out and about. Also had more flowers with all the rain than I had remembered in previous years. Very, very pretty. I'll miss you, TR!... read more

We left Pierre the morning of the 1st and drove to Bismark, ND andstayed the night. We left the nect morning and made it to TRNP and stayed in the Badands of North Dakota. We enjoyed the park very much, wild horses, buffalo wandered around the park. Into our campsite in the Buffalos case. We all went hiking and had a great time ... read more
The Park
More of the park

Hey, we're in North Dakota. How many of you have ever said that? Hwy 85 north from Belle Fourche, SD, to I-94 in North Dakota is a 175-mile, mostly straight road with rolling prairie on either side from horizon to horizon, broken occasionally by buttes or rocky outcroppings. There are few trees, fewer houses, lots of cattle, sheep, some horses, and a good number of pronghorn antelope. The landscape is dotted now and then with big rolls of hay and the odd oil well pumping away. However, once you get into ND, there are more cultivated fields. We went to Theodore Roosevelt National Park at Medora, ND. We drove the 35 mile scenic loop. It looks a lot like South Dakota's badlands, but it is much greener, not as dry and dead-looking. We only saw ... read more
Theodore Roosevelt NP
Theodore Roosevelt NP
Theodore Roosevelt NP

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