DAY 1 (Thought it would never arrive!)

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Biker Send OffBiker Send OffBiker Send Off

We had over 50 friends attend a biker send-off that JoLynn organized on Friday, June 27. Thanks to all who came and helped send Rob off biker style!
Good morning everyone. You are about to take part in a 6,000 mile journey which also starts with my first turn of the tires. But before I get started I've asked my wife JoLynn, to make an entry on her thoughts about my trip.

Well, Rob can finally get started on his long awaited Alaskan adventure. He has been planning, organizing, and planning some more for all the details for months now. I remember about a month ago when I came home to a tent and sleeping bag set up in our family room. Now that is camping in comfort (HA)!! Our cat was not sure what to think of that.

I enjoy riding with Rob on short trips but a month on the back of the Goldwing and sleeping in a tent for a month is not me. I will be doing some traveling of my own while he is gone. I am going to visit my family in SD and my sister in IA over the 4th of July weekend and then off to Louisville, KY for the birth of our second granddaughter--Lucy Mae. When Rob gets home from this adventure he will join me in
CMA Bike BlessingCMA Bike BlessingCMA Bike Blessing

Larry Stevahn from the Christian Motorcycle Association blessed the riders and their bikes on Friday. Thanks Larry for the local CMA and the ministry they provide.
KY. Basically we will both be doing something we love to do this month.

Last night I organized a "bon voyage" picnic with over 50 of our friends who came for a night of food and fellowship to celebrate Rob's trip. We enjoyed chicken with all the fixins plus build your own sundae for dessert. We were blessed with sunshine and no rain so many couples rode their bikes. What a sight to have them all lined up in front of our house. Our block has never seen that many bikes parked in front of the Kellers. We all gathered around his bike for a special biker prayer blessing for Rob before our guests left. The blessing was given by Larry Stevahn from the local Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA). To all our guests--thank you so much for taking the time to come and celebrate this special evening with us. I know Rob will appreciate your daily prayers for his guardian angels to surround him for the many miles ahead.

Although I will really miss Rob this month, I look forward to reading his blog and viewing the pictures each day. How exciting that so many relatives and friends
My Pit CrewMy Pit CrewMy Pit Crew

Chris and JoLynn bought a "bon voyage" sign for me and they wanted to model it before I took of on Saturday, June 28. Pretty sharp "pit crew" It was 62 degrees when I took of for Moose Jaw.
from all over the nation have logged on to follow Rob's trip too. Well, off to breakfast together before I send Rob on his way!

ROB: Okay, I'm back. Rode 385 miles today in 20-30 mpg headwinds and crosswinds. With my load, the bike acted as a sail so needless to say, the first day was spent just trying to stay on the road! I only averaged about 34 mpg on the Goldwing. Temp was a balmy 62 degrees when I left Bismarck but eventually got up to 75.

Tonight I am at Moose Jaw, SA at the Prairie Oasis campground...did I mention there are lots of mosquitos? Made camp and it only took me about one hour...I think I need to get better at pitching my tent and unloading the bike. All my best laid plans went out the window tonight.

The travel between Bismarck and Moose Jaw was very flat but loaded with grains and oil wells. Flat, almost like the Rad River Valley. Have to get used to kilometers per hour and liters.

Breezed through Portal border station...the customs agent thought that since I was in the Army that I should have all
Bicycling from PA to AK!!!Bicycling from PA to AK!!!Bicycling from PA to AK!!!

I met these two guys at Portal, ND. They left PA on May 28 and are planning on making it to Anchorage on Aug 18. They average 70 miles a day, thousands of calories and protein and are doing ti for a great cause. Read the blog to find out more about them.
kinds of weapons, but I disappointed her. I hope they did not profile me!

While at the Canada border station I met two guys that were just awesome. Michael Frederick and Dan Esten from Indiana, PA. They were, okay, are you ready for this...they were biking to Anchorage. Average about 70 miles per day. They left PA on May 28 and are expected to get into Anchorage on Aug 18. These guys are fit and they are doing it for an honorable cause. It's a Tour For The Cure and they hope to raise over 10,000 doing this. I could have listened to their stories all day, except they had to make their 70 miles in 30 mile per hour headwind. Check out their website at

And then some of you may be interested in this. I ran into another couple driving their homemade motorcycel trike (called the Mongel) to Alaska. It was not to hard to miss and to think I bumped into them 3 times on my way to Moose Jaw.

Well, I can see that trying to post my blog every evening is quite an undertaking but I know you will enjoy the
Canada hey!Canada hey!Canada hey!

And for those of you who think I am still in Bismarck and creating a blog without ever leaving the confines of my home...well, here's proof I made it to Canada.

Day two takes me close to Calgary and some pretty awesome scenery. So enjoy the blog and pics and I'll chat with ya tomorrow.

Out here...I'm tired and hitting the sleeping bag.

Rob the Road Warrior

Additional photos below
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My First Campsite-Moose JawMy First Campsite-Moose Jaw
My First Campsite-Moose Jaw

Yeah, it took me an hour to set camp up, but tomorrow will be shorter and then before you know it, I will be able to do it in my sleep and blindfolded.

29th June 2008

Have a great trip Rob!
Rob, You've spoke about this for a long time, and here it is! Ride safely!
29th June 2008

All this time I thought you would travel with a military pup tent and you're actually livin' the high life with that big tent! ;-) This is great and I hope you enjoy your trip as much as we do from the back seat.
30th June 2008

Hi Rob, I am so happy for you on doing this trip. I have done many trips by myself or with my boys. Every trip is filled with memories. I went to the Black Hills last weekend, did 1000 milles and stayed with Carol's sister. Carol had a wedding and was to tired to go this time. Hey that's alright too. I like driving by myself just like you. Joe and I will be in Kodiak Island July 6-11 on a fishing trip. I look forward to the time with him. Have fun, get refreshed, and enjoy the smells and different weathers you will encounter. Everett
30th June 2008

Rob, I am so excited for you and praying that God will bless you beyond your wildest dreams and for His continued divine connections along the way! Seeing the Alaskan scenery is going to be so worth it! --anita
30th June 2008

Safe trip, Rob!
Hi Rob, Hope you have a great trip. Thanks for your kind words about Dan and Fred, the guys you met who were cycling to Alaska to raise money for the American Cancer Society. I'm Dan's mom and I was so happy and appreciative to see your mention of the guys and their goal! Thanks. Be safe and have fun. Lorraine from New Jersey.
1st July 2008

good luck
will be praying for you Rob and hope you enjoy the dream of your life.

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