Hiking to Bridal Veil Falls in Dupont State Forest

Published: July 19th 2018
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This afternoon, after the rain had subsided, we took a ride over to Dupont State Forest and parked at the Fawn Lake Parking Area. This access point was an excellent place to start for our 5 mile hike to Bridal Veil Falls. The falls are very pretty, and we've seen them several times. We chose this hike today, in part, to scout out some of the trails to see how well I would do biking in this area of the forest.

Since this was the first hike of our trip, I felt more serene immediately upon walking into the forest. We enjoyed the trees, the cool air and the smell of the foliage. Most of the route was pretty easy with a few moderate sections. It was later in the afternoon so we came across very few people.... just a group of very tired children with their camp who were making their way home. There also appeared to be a sleep-over camp going on in the barn area. As we passed, we said hello to a group of teenage girls lounging on the front porch.

As we neared the falls, we noticed a further drop
in temperature and the smell of rain in the air. We decided to take a more direct route out of the forest than we originally planned hoping to beat any rain and make it back to the car a full hour before sunset. Well, we were back at the car well before dark, but we were plenty wet by the time we got there!

Fortunately, it was a gentle downpour and Albert had suggested we bring our rain jackets. They certainly came in handy on the walk back out!

Even with the rain, the hike was beautiful and relaxing.

After leaving the forest, we drove to Brevard and stopped into a small local brewery to have a beer and get caught up with the Tour de France. After the stop, we went back to the cabin for some dinner and a good nigh's rest.

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