Published: April 23rd 2010
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all right so were couch surfing, rather driveway surfing in wilmington. tonight we are headed to a kick ball cook out @ travis's house. bound to be some jabby's there so our spirits are up. the missile is a wreck inside and the toilet couldnt smell worse, but we are as happy as can be! our plans are starting to solidify. but as per usual, all bets are off the moment we light up the missile.

i wrote a 3 page paper on why we need more cup holders, the word rule has been basished from our venacular, today is apparently sunday, and were about to fix up the mohawk.

still achance that we may volunteer at the state park here but for sure we are going camping there cause we need a fire... fires important.


26th April 2010

i amost threw up in my mouth when you mentioned the toilet smell. its a shame cara isnt there. are you aloud to call me or does that conflict with your mission statement? 302 265 7654

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