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January 8th 2014
Published: January 8th 2014
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Hello all,

I have returned from my beautiful adventure studying abroad in Lampeter, Wales!! I have since my last post said goodbye to many close friends and someone even closer, traveled to the gorgeous Scottish Highlands and the ancient city of Edinburgh, came together with my close friends and family at home and had a fantastic Christmas Holiday. Adjusting to home life is much harder than I expected. I still have so much to say about Scotland but am still digesting the idea that this adventure is over. I put a lot of my heart into those Ceredigion hills and a lot of my dreams are scattered all across cities and countrysides of the UK. I still hear music and laughter and jokes and stories, and I still see mountains and rivers, castles and trees. I can still smell tea and food and flowers...but I am at home. In fact I won't even be home for very much longer. I am headed back to my home university in Greensboro, NC this Friday!!! It seems that it will be a very busy semester for me, but I do hope that it is filled with adventure as well. I may not be able to be reunited with Lampeter but I do plan to travel the southern USA's own Highlands through my school's outdoor adventure program. The next few blog posts will sum up my travel to Scotland, mark my progress as my semester progresses and also detail my upcoming hikes which I am sure will be a blast. If you are one of those in the UK whom I have loved along the way, say hello to Wales for me because I miss its green beauty very much. I hope to update soon.

For now... Fin~


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