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February 2nd 2005
Published: February 2nd 2005
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No, I'm not gone yet. I'm packed and almost ready to go, but I'm starting to get nervous. One big problem is I don't have semester-long housing quite squared away yet, and won't until a few days after I arrive in Ireland. The plan is to stay at a Bed and Breakfast (called Cregan's-- sounds cozy, right?) for a few nights until I can check out some houses and apartments around Univ. of Limerick and find a suitable one. Being the (generally) organized person I am (not counting my room), this last-minute stuff is sometimes hard to swallow. But, the UL international student guide says to find housing in this way, so I just pray it all works out when I get over there.

I fly out of RDU on Sunday afternoon, hit the airport in Philly and then head to Boston before finally making my flight to Shannon Airport (just about a 30-minute drive from Limerick). I arrive in Shannon at 6:15AM on Monday and then have a few folks to meet with in Limerick about housing, so no napping! (One actually agreed to meet me in front of the pub he owns a few blocks from my B&B-- how cool is that?) But anyway, no sleeping allowed-- must get rid of jet lag!

I suppose I'm finally realizing that I'm going to be in a FOREIGN COUNTRY for a WHOLE SEMESTER, which is kinda scary but also cool, I know. Like my mom said today (and many others have said in the past), it's like a semester-long vacation. More than that, it's an adventure. And an adventure I'm looking forward to!


7th February 2005

You go girl!
Alexis, thanks so much for including me in your email list. I can't wait to adventure vicariously through your travels. I've been wanting to take Dan to England and either Ireland or Scotland. This just might be the impetus we need. - Faye Biffert

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