The Beaches.....from South to North Carolina....

Published: October 4th 2017
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On a 6 weeks time, there are for sure some regret while visiting places. This is one of them. Today we did the long drive between Charleston to Richmond in Virginia. We left very early, and arrived after 9pm at our hotel in Richmond.

Where are the regrets? Well, we drove through beautiful places and we could have done it in few days instead of a single long drive. Good to note, we will be back in the region one day.

First, there is the just above two hours drive to Myrtle beach in South Carolina. This is a dreamland for golfers and the place host a serious number of retirement communities. We drive through the center of Myrtle Beach which is not really interesting, but just south of it, there are miles of gorgeous beaches and even more gorgeous houses. not many dive centers here, so not sure there is much below the water. The place seems to be such a cool vibe. Houses are from many different pastel colors. We made a little stop on one of the beaches. It's rather warm water here...but sadly, it's just a short stop for us.

Next, way more hours driving, this time to the beaches of Nags Head. I had no idea what it was looking like...on the map, the roads just looked pretty cool. First, there are these bridges, miles of them. These roads look a little like those that link Key West to the South of Miami. Long bridges, very long ones...and suddenly, you reach Nags Head. Here, it's amazing houses next to each others right on the beach. Just gorgeous! We are a little more North than Myrtle Beach and water is a little colder here.

But the beach is just sumptuous! This place, and I had no idea about it is also famous into history. It's from here that the Wright brothers did the first human flight ever on a plane. It was short, it was not that high, but it was one of these major step in the conquest of the skies by humans!

There seem to have also few cool golf courses around the place. I guess we could easily spend few days here. We still had a good 3 hours drive north to reach Richmond. Well, that was the plan. A fire on the side of the road stuck us in a traffic jam for a good hour. Not many roads around here, so we just did like everybody else, we waited.

Not sure many people have heard about the beaches of North Carolina outside of the States. But these places are less than 5 hours drive from places like Washington DC, so for sure this place is popular on the East coast. Gorgeous it an impressive way!

We slept in Richmond. We also left early the city the next morning. Apologies for people of Richmond, I have no idea if the city is nice or not. We simply drive through downtown.

Next, we are finally in Washington DC...a second visit for me....and few miles walking around...

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