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DAY 24: MAY 15, 2013 I had breakfast this morning at Bob’s Grill in Kill Devil Hills on the Outer Banks. The sign over of the door said this, “Eat, and get the hell out”. Probably should have got the hell out before eating. They served me burnt potatoes. Gasoline cost 30 cents per gallon more than anywhere else in the state. The reason for going to the outer bank was to visit Kittyhawk, and go see the wild horses of Corolla. Kittyhawk Orville and Wilbur Wright were a couple of bicycle mechanics from Dayton, Ohio who were obsessed with the notion of building a motorized kite that they could ride around in. It was a crazy idea. Their dad told them that; “if God had meant man to fly like a ... read more

Today I explore the Outer Banks of North Carolina. At first glance, they look like the barrier islands on the east coast of Florida: long stretches of beach sand on the Atlantic, backed by swamps. They even have the same sort of beach development (and over-development). That is where the comparisons end, however. Beyond the swamps in Florida are narrow rivers and then the mainland. Behind the swamps in the Outer Banks are wide bays known as Sounds. These lead to a very different type of environment. One notices the difference driving in. Getting to the Outer Banks requires crossing multiple long causeways, with nothing in sight but water and distant land. The bridges have high cross wind warnings. Those winds sculpted the environment. Most have been ... read more
Wright wind tunnel
Distance of first flight
Wright Brothers Memorial

Destination - Allegator River in NC Departed Coinjock 8:00 AM Arrived at Deep Point ancorage at 3:45PM I was worried about crossing AlbamarleSound because of all the stories I have heard. It is basically a 16 foot deep ocean so when there is a strong south wind waves cankick up to 6 or 7 feet and slam boats around. When I started off there was a 15 knjot wind form the south. When I got into it the winds changed to almost west and the waves calmed down and it was not that unpleasant. I was making 6.1 with the motor and it took three hours to cross. The last quarter I unfulled the jib and was making almost 7knots. I ran aground at the mouth of the Allegator river by following my Chart Plotter which ... read more
Alligator-Pongo River Canal

North America » United States » North Carolina » Kitty Hawk October 27th 2009

Oct 25,09 Dismal Swamp Visitors Centre We left Norfolk/Portsmouth just before 11 am. Headed down the Dismal Swamp. There is a Cypress Swamp here, although so far I have not noticed any cypress trees. Still its an interesting although narrow canal. The lowest reading on our depth sounder was 7.6 ft very briefly, most of the time it was between 8 to 10 feet. One has to watch for logs, and other things sticking up out of the water, it also pays to look up as there is the occasional overhanging branch to dodge. There are a couple of spots along the way, that one could possibly tie up on, we did not try it since we had concern regarding the depth close to the banks. The lock master at the Deep Creek lock was a ... read more
dismal swamp

North America » United States » North Carolina » Kitty Hawk September 17th 2009

September 17th 2009 Let's start at the very beginning Possibly a case of too much information, but it turns out my very beginning occurred not in North Carolina but back in good old Memphis, Tennessee. Thanks Auntie Boobie and Unkin Don for sharing that gem with me! Moving on nine months, we arrive back in Jacksonville, North Carolina, where, indeed, I came into this world. My impressions of North Carolina from my childhood are ... zilch! I was just a few months old when my mom and I left, heading back to Memphis before eventually returning to England. I have visited a couple times since then but few memories of those trips remain. Instead, I drive over the state line from South Carolina with the sole expectation of being sticky and sweaty for the next week. ... read more
Wilmington River Bank
Sunset and the Steamer
Battleship at Sunset

On a recent trip to dine with NTA Board members at The Clarion Oceanfront Hotel on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I was surprised to find a lobby FULL of Pirates! Sure, those of us looking on sort of guessed that they were actors portraying pirates, but these guys never broke character. Ever. We hung out with them for much of the evening at the hotel's lobby bar. Turns out it was Pirate Week in the Outer Banks. These guys had come down from Virginia to perform at a couple of events slated that night in Kill Devil Hills, and travel all over the place to share their brand of piracy. While the company is called url=http://www.blackbe... read more

After Orlando we started our trip northwards towards Washington DC, through Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. During one of our stops we got into conversation with a couple of Fire Officers who advised us to take the ferry over from Cedar Island and make our way North via the outer islands. This added a bit more time to our trip, but it was well worth it - the scenery was beautiful, with Sounds on one side of us and the Atlantic on the other. The houses on the islands were a bit different from what we’ve seen too - all painted in bright pastels and looking like beach huts. It was also nice to break up the travel a bit with a couple of ferry crossings, 2.5 hours and 40 minutes respectively. One of the ... read more
The actual plane flown by the Wright brothers in 1903
The outer islands have some colourful history!
Faith on the Okracoke ferry

Finally, I am back out on the road. I actually left Florida last Friday, the 7th. My first stop was Johnson City, TN. I took back roads almost the entire way which caused the trip to be 12 hours instead of 10. I decided not to do any more days like that. From there on out, I would only do, at the most, 7 hour days. I stayed with my friend, Gretchen, in JC and on Saturday morning we decided to go to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Neither of us had ever been and she wanted to get away for the weekend. We got her parents Lincoln Towncar, their BP card and hit the road. Eight hours later, we were in Cedar Island waiting for the Ocracoke ferry. After a two and a half ... read more
Cape Hattaras Lighthouse
Lunch on the beach
I forgot which lighthouse this one is..

We zijn geland en zijn onderweg. We hebben nu alweer de 2 volle dagen van onderweg. We hebben het prima naar onze zin en zijn nog niet helemaal aan het tijd verschil gewend, maar dat gaat beslist lukken. Weer is gewoon weg geweldig. Aan de kust hier was het gewoon geweldig. Veel wind maar ook veel zon. We hebben de winterjassen verweg gestopt... Verder zijn we een schandaal op het spoor. Men gebruikt hier aan de kust een geweldige manier om hun prijzen te bepalen voor een overnachting. Ze nemen de temperatuur (in F) maal 1,5 en dat is de dag prijs... Well all friends out there. We finally have made it here and are on te road for 2 days now. Everything is just going fine. The time difference makes it not easy at times, ... read more
statue of the first flight
the men behind the camera

Yeppers, the first "successful" flight at Kittyhawk was only 12 seconds. Of course by the end of the day they made it a whole 59 seconds and a couple hundred yards. My roommate Hoi and I took off for North Carolina after much thought and avoidance of most New Years Eve celebrations. Kitty hawk is a small town. It just looks like every other East Coast beach town that I've seen. Kinda odd, if you ask me. Somehow I see it as a premade setup and everyone that starts a town gets some premade houses that look alike, same shubbery, and same mixture of kids with Jeeps and yuppies in fancypants cars. Yes, I drive a fancypants car; but it's old and worn down. After touring the exhibit (the Wright Bros. actually hand made the 200lb ... read more

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