3..2..1.. TAKEOFF

Published: March 2nd 2012
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Today is flight day! I have two classes to take, then I will be on my way to AVL. I hate flying so Im not really looking forward to the flying part but to visit Katrine is worth it. After Asheville I fly to Chicago, then the big flight to Brussels (which is when I will be taking my xanax, which currently I cannot find so it may have to be NyQuil) then ariving in Brussels around 8 or 9 in the morning, have 2 and half hour layover, then FINALLY the flight of Kobenhavn! Needless to say, the next 24 hours will be spent in airports and airplanes, I am hoping to have time today to stop by greenlife and grab healthy snacks! I hope I remembered to pack all of Katrine's presents (one of which I had to stand in line at WALMART for like 15 minutes to get missy!) and I hope I remembered all my important things, like my glasses (check) contacts (check) cell phone charger (yes mom! check!) blah I need to wash all my dishes before I leave, a tendious chore indeed.

Im excited about Chicago since Im just a small town girl in a huge freaking airport, but I've been there before so hopefully that will help me navigate around one of biggest airports in the U.S. I only have a 45 minute layover, so I will be running! Which is good because I didn't get a chance to workout this morning and I tend to be big bitch when I don't get my exercise. haha the poor people in the airplane with me!

Well, Im sure I will have plenty of time to elaborate my feelings sitting at the Asheville Airport later. But hey I woke up in Asheville today and the next time I go to sleep will be either over the Atlantic Ocean or in Denmark! I really need this vacation, and to see Katrine, AND get out of Asheville and clear my head. Maybe I will miss you Asheville, but I doubt it. :P


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