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January 31st 2009
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We sort of slept in, but wanted to drive back to the house in time to see Ruth to the airport, so a little of our sleep was lost. I drove the entire way from Greensboro to the house (a whole hour!) all by myself. Sarah was reading to me out of the book she’s trying to finish, and Kyle was sitting shotgun. I was super tired though, and not all the way tracking, so I missed the exit. Oops. We recovered quickly and still got here in time to see Ruth.

Originally, we wanted to take Ruth to the airport, or at least me and Sarah. But plans changed and we were asked to make lunch instead. So Craig was going to take her and then do his errands. Knowing she was going to cry the whole way, Ruth wasn’t thrilled about the idea of going into town with just Craig, so I suggested that Sarah go with them, and I (and Kyle) would make lunch. Everyone thought this was a great idea, but Kyle changed it a little and decided he would go to. This left me alone to make lunch for the Choir plus a dozen guests. Yikes. Once I found everything I needed, it was fairly smooth sailing, though I didn’t clean as I cooked as normal; I sort of just made a huge mess and dealt with it later.

The Choir arrived from Greensboro and Alice helped me get water on the table and wash the dishes that were left in the sink from before our arrival. (I HATE starting cooking with a dirty kitchen, but I didn’t have time to clean before starting.) Alice was a huge help. Lunch was served, but I didn’t have a menu, so a lot of it was just me scrounging for random things to eat. I made about a zillion pizza buns, which I think we’ll be eating until we leave. Amanda helped me finish the dishes and get the counters clean- another lifesaver today. We were just about finished when I got a voicemail from Sarah. As I was trying to listen to it, she called the house phone. “Craig has lots of errands, including going to Kalamazoo, Walmart, Egypt and Verizon. Can you please come get us?”

Amanda was gracious and let me leave her with the last 4 pans to was, but I was toasted- super tired- and didn’t really know where I was going. They were at the Target in Apex, but according to the GPS, there isn’t one. So I just started driving and hoped Sarah would return my call. I mostly went the same way, but another half hour of driving was not what I was looking forward to. We met at Target, where I got a new watch (mine resets itself every few days now), and headed to check out the Circuit City sale. We didn’t get anything, though Kyle teased me because I had a dream about a big TV last night (and in my dream, Sarah and I were going to Japan with the Choir.)

Sarah drove the way back to the house and then I crashed hard. Naps are nice, except our room is just off the kitchen, so it’s loud (not normally a problem for me) and people kept coming in to ask us really not important questions. It’s driving me nuts, but I think we’re going to solve it soon. I showered and did my quiet time and decided to take a walk. I grabbed my iPod with Joe’s message from last week and headed for the lake. It was a great day and nice walk, just to listen and vege and process. Sarah met me at the lake, as she was on her run, and we walked back together.

After dinner and putting kids to bed, we played a few games of Dutch Blitz. Sorry to those of you who I taught wrong, but playing with real Blitzers was super fun. I won quite a bit, which is not at all normal. Sarah and I both had some pretty crazy hair going on. After several single games, we played a game of doubles, and Sarah and I rocked the house for a while, and then our hands cooled. Lots of fun, though- she’s super competitive! Mike Prins is here, and he also taught our guests how to Slam, and then we played games. Mike, Sarah and I had a nice game of cribbage in which Sarah was winning the whole game, and I was down by 40, and I pegged out!

Sarah and I kept saying the same things and thinking the same things and laughing about it, so I ended up putting foil on my head to stop transmission. We told the guests that sometimes we get mixed up- the kids call us wrong names- but other than the hair, they didn’t see it. David jumped in to explain ALL the other similarities- voice, words, actions… that was have in common as well.

Here’s a great story from yesterday: So, the kids all speak English, but it’s with a British accent, so their ‘r’s are really soft. At dinner, they were commenting on the Bar-B-Que sauce, Ba-Ba-Que, as they said it, and they were giggling. “Ba-Ba. Ba-Ba.” So we asked if “ba-ba” is a word in luganda. They kept saying it and looking at us and said, “It is a person who cuts hair.” We all looked at each other and then figured it out- barber! These guys crack me up.


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