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April 30th 2014
Published: June 11th 2017
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The city is enormous. It is so much bigger than I imagined after looking at the google maps. There are road works everywhere and lots of garbage piled up permanently on the streets.
Fotunately Ross is doing all the navigating because otherwise I would either be endlessly wandering trying to find my way around or else having to ask a policeman.
With all the rain we have had they are always threatening to make flood warnings although at the moment there are just a lot of puddles and you have to be careful to stay back from the sides of the road when waiting to cross so you don't get splashed. People seem to cross the roads whenever they can and the taxis try to run you over. Crosswalks mean nothing and you only wait for the white walk signals on a road where the cars are going really fast.
There are a few really odd looking people around, but then that is to be expected in any big city, and generally the New Yorkers are friendly and helpful. The tourists are the ones who will shove you out of the way whereas the locals are courteous when passing on the sidewalks.
The food prices at the restaurants are similar to Perth but you can get a cheap meal at the diners and coffee is cheaper. The cafes have very limited seating and it is impossible to get a seat at Starbucks. A lot of places you just see people eating and drinking whilst standing up.
There are hundreds of dogs of all sizes. Some people even carry their small dogs in little carriages similar to baby strollers. Very weird!
Everyone lives in apartments. Park avenue does not look like the affluent street that I expected but like everywhere else. Although I imagine the insides of the apartments there are quite spectacular and we haven't walked the length of the street.
The subway is dirty and rather smelly and the trains are overcrowded but it is an efficient way to get around. You are very lucky if you can get a seat on the trains but I have even seen young women with babies in strollers struggling on them. We haven't seen any rats yet but no doubt with all the rubbish around they are numerous. I haven't seen any cats either, maybe the rats or the dogs ate them!
There is a lot of horn blowing just like you see in the movies but there doesn't seem to be much point in it. People just seem to like to blow their horns but it gets them nowhere and serves no purpose in traffic jams since they can't go anywhere anyway.
I expected my Aussie accent to be commented on but that hasn't happened and it seems you have to tell people you are Australian before they realise it. That may be because NY is so multicultural that it is like a United Nations city.


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