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December 11th 2018
Published: December 12th 2018
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Yes, dear loyal followers....this blog (#474 - are you kidding me? I have to admit I must be a quite a blabbermouth) actually brings us up to date with all our doings. Whew! (I’m wiping the beads of sweat off my forehead as well as Lulu’s - she’s been so stressed out). The blog site is still not working and we don’t know who is receiving our blogs or not. Those of you who use Goggle Chrome (like us) receive the blog with a warning that says it is unsafe. Our Verizon manager reassured us that it is nothing to fear or be concerned about. If you get that message and are nervous, let me know and I’ll send it a different way to you. When I went through my “follower” list, I did delete a few names cause I just couldn’t figure out who they were by their email address name. Greek to me. FYI: my 2nd choice for a major in college was to be a Latin teacher (Latine Te amo). First, I had to learn the Greek language...that didn’t happen....it was all Greek to me. Aρουραίους! (Rats)!

We are still working with a full dance card. I
Cory & his 1st dentistCory & his 1st dentistCory & his 1st dentist

His new, terrific dentist: Dr. Stephanie Burroughs
think you can remember Cory’s anguish with his tooth. His local dentist messed things up so he ended up going to two dentists located near Rochester, NY. They fixed him up so he was good as new...actually better. Not long before we were scheduled to come home for the holidays from Florida, the tooth holding Cory’s new bridge work broke off at the gum line. Nooooooo. Rats! Say it’s not true. But it was! He must have swallowed it. I suggested we search his excrement for it but he poo-poo’ed that idea (good pun on words). I took photos of his newly created crater and sent them to his dentist in Avon, NY. She recommended getting it extracted. He went to an oral surgeon just off I-192, a short jaunt from Tropical Palms. Handy Dandy Dentist! Cory was brave and all went well. The tooth fairy gave him nothing for his tooth-Rats! Cheapo fairy! It was only a root which ended up costing some real cash. The fairy figured it was beyond her meager payment she would leave under his pillow. Not worth performing her routine task. Cory healed well from the procedure. Once back in NY, we went back to his Avon, NY dentist. Her office is about 1 1/2 hrs. from our house. We made three trips there. Long story short: she was able to add a tooth to his appliance and attach that to his next tooth. Yippee! He is back in business again. Chomp, Chomp, Chomp. Boo to the tooth fairy!

Our routine 6 month medical/dental visits are all in this month of December. We had our lab work done in preparation for our doctor visits this Wednesday. I think we will pass....hope so anyway! Lulu appears healthy and doesn’t even go to any of these professionals. She really doesn’t have too much to examine. I have my dentist appointment after the doctor visit. Geeze...you would think we are sick and/or falling apart. Last week, I had my routine checkup with my dermatologist. I didn’t see him but one of his PA’s. Usually I have a spot or two or three frozen off (pre-cancer/small cancer spot). Ouch! Oh,Yeah......slap that baby oil on, Guenter. Of course, I was one of those tanaholics. Now I am paying the piper. Well, this time, the PA decided to biopsy two of my spots. She sliced me up like a
Lory - the Birthday Girl Lory - the Birthday Girl Lory - the Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday, Lory
chunk of luncheon meat. Owwwww! She froze another tiny spot. Owwww-Moan & Groan. Results won’t be back for a few weeks so if there is something that needs attention, I’ll either go to my dermatologist in Celebration, FL. (Dr. Goodless) or wait until we come back home in May. That ends our sick calls. Whew!

This Saturday, we are taking our daughter, Lory, out to dinner for her birthday. Her birthday is actually December 28th but this will work. She likes Prime Rib and selected the restaurant. Her whole family and our son, Cory and his girlfriend, Penny, will help her celebrate her special day. Happy Birthday, Lory! Oh, my-Oh, my.....I was just reflecting back on her birth day 54 years ago. Lory was our first child. We were young and unaware about some stuff, especially the birthing process. The doctor that I went to was an old, hefty fella in Buffalo,NY. The reassuring, experienced, comforting grandfather type. Yeah, right! Read on....The landlady to our best friends, Del & Sue, recommended him to Sue, myself & another good friend, Donna. We were all pregnant. None of us knew much about pregnancy, etc. except through a few books we read.
The cinching belt BUCKLEThe cinching belt BUCKLEThe cinching belt BUCKLE

The BUCCAL View of your mouth
When I look back on my doctor visits, I shudder and just about barf. First off, he never examined me....just took my word for it that I was pregnant. Are you kidding me? I could have swallowed a watermelon seed which might have started germinating. His elderly nurse (wife) took my blood pressure. I think he looked at my urine. That was it. I knew no different nor did my friends as he “treated” all of us. Obviously, we had never been pregnant before. December 28th was a blustery, windy, winter night. Cory and I figured out I was in labor and should go to the hospital. Cory was like Santa driving his sleigh through the treacherous snow covered roads of Buffalo, NY. I was bundled up in the big Santa bag! He was in control but I think he was as nervous as I was. All of this was very foreign to us. We finally reached Kenmore Mercy Hospital. They took me one way and Cory the other. No support, sharing and togetherness like nowadays. Once they admitted me and put me in a labor room, Cory was allowed to sit with me. Owwwweeeeeee! I don’t deal well with
Newborn Loren CorineNewborn Loren CorineNewborn Loren Corine

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year: 1964
pain and this hurt. A paper cut just about does me in! Cory tried to comfort me.....forget it unless you plan to knock me out completely. It went on forever and ever. Sometimes it would ease up a bit....whew! That didn’t help the labor, though. Cory finally left to regroup & recuperate. I could hear the nurses talking out in the hall by my room. “We are going to do a BUCKLE on Mrs. Guenter!” Huh? Who? Me? Do What? Wait a minute! It can’t be true. I immediately pictured them putting a large belt & buckle around my abdomen, cinching it tightly and squeezing this poor baby out of me. Noooooooo! Call Cory to come back. He’ll save me and our unborn child.

C O O R R E E E Y Y! HELP! If I had my senses about me...which I didn’t cause of the pain and fear....I might have remembered a term I used in my dental hygienist’s class at ECC. Yes, at one point, in my varied choices of education (lab technician, Latin teacher, history major, dental hygenist and eventually a nurse) I thought I wanted to be a dental hygienist.....well, that didn’t happen. Didn’t
Aerial View of Wellsville, NY Aerial View of Wellsville, NY Aerial View of Wellsville, NY

A Christmas parade in town
seem to be my forte. No tooth fairy action for me. Anyway, you have different areas/sections in your mouth. One area is the space between the inside of your cheek and your molar teeth. It is called the buccal view of your mouth/teeth. Buccal....Buckle....Buccal....Buckle. I get it now. What the nurses did was to place an oxytocin (a medication that stimulates the uterus to contract) pill in the buccal view of my mouth. They would rotate a total of 4 pills in each area of my mouth until my labor was strong and effective. It took only 3 pills before they were rushing me down the hall. Cory said he could hear me shrieking the entire time (you don’t say) as he was ushered to the waiting room. I think he was glad. He doesn’t like yelling. He would not be present for his offspring’s delivery. Not even an option. Everything was so different back then....a half century ago! Once in the delivery room, the anesthesiologist said they were going to give me a spinal. Who was I to say? I was at their mercy. Not an epidural then.... a full spinal! Amazing I wasn’t paralyzed for life. I remember leaning against my doctor’s comforting shoulder during this tedious procedure.....but in the end, it was fabulous. Couldn’t feel a thing from my waist down! Yippee! I can handle this. This was the first time my doctor had seen my lady parts. He said he had a resident with him who would deliver our baby. Huh? What? I didn’t even know where I was, let alone what was even going on. Ignorance was bliss. I do remember seeing a tiny, green garbed oriental person between my legs. It couldn’t be the baby. Could it? I was out of it for sure! The resident tried using forceps for the delivery. I just recall this tiny green person flailing around down there with his/hers (no idea) body almost perpendicular to the ground....feet off the floor. Obviously, this was’t going to work so the hefty, old doctor stepped in and delivered our sweet daughter, Lory. I think they let me catch a glimpse of her but no cuddling, touching or any of that stuff. She was whisked away while I was placed in the recovery area. Cory was allowed to come and see me. We were thrilled to pieces.....we had a new, wonderful baby
Main St., Wellsville, NYMain St., Wellsville, NYMain St., Wellsville, NY

Horse drawn wagon rides in Welllsville
and this whole process was over and we were all alive. It seemed forever before they brought baby Loren Corine to us. She was so sweet and precious....just like she is now. We are just happy she is all normal-given the basic lack of pre-natal care she received. She could have been a watermelon. Everything was so different back then....certainly not how it is done today. We’ve come a long way, baby!

Well, I didn’t plan to go through all this with you (I’m so exhausted as you must be) but like the baby, it just came out.

I don’t have labor & delivery photos to share with you (unheard of back then)....Hey - I know you are jumping to your feet and bellowing HOORAY. That’s okay.....I have broad shoulders and broad everything else. Instead, we’ll show you photos of our yard and our town of Wellsville. Pretty lights, snow, Lulu, grass, snowman tree, Lulu, horses, barns, Lulu, food, a possible boyfriend for Lulu. Everything is showing the spirit of Christmas now. Merry Christmas to all of you!

Additional photos below
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Best chicken wings at Beef Haus-Wellsville Best chicken wings at Beef Haus-Wellsville
Best chicken wings at Beef Haus-Wellsville

A couple pops at the Elks Club-Welllsville
Barn photo I took & added the jolly guyBarn photo I took & added the jolly guy
Barn photo I took & added the jolly guy

Local barn with a manger scene inside
Warming up at our house Warming up at our house
Warming up at our house

Where did the snow go?
Lulu found a snow pile on our deckLulu found a snow pile on our deck
Lulu found a snow pile on our deck

Lulu trying to climb a tree
Flirtatious LuluFlirtatious Lulu
Flirtatious Lulu

Picked up a guy named Chuck

12th December 2018
Flirtatious Lulu

Jeffs going to be jealous when I show him Lulus possible boyfriend. Love the decorations especially the old town. Always wished I lived with an older downtown not this modern stuff. Was just talking about that recently. Maybe if I close my eyes and click my heels. Love you guys. Merry Christmas
12th December 2018
Flirtatious Lulu

Jeff is still #1
Lulu said she & Chuck didn’t really meet eye to eye even though they are both at the same level. She dumped him. Small town living has its pros and cons. We liked the pros so always stayed. Merry Christmas & Happy Hugs to you both.

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