Will It Ever End?

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December 1st 2018
Published: December 2nd 2018
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Well, my many, virtuous, devoted followers, it doesn’t look good. Lulu is having a tizzy. She is wearing a cervical collar as a straight jacket. Only piece of equipment that can contain her. Me....I have bloody stumps for fingers after continually typing. My brain is in a constant spinning mode. Sad, just plain sad. All of it! We really need your sympathy now.....more than ever.

I have worked on my blog site problem for many weeks now....starting November 12th. Nooooooooo. I’m pooped! Everything I try doesn’t seem to have or be the right answer. Whhhhhyyyyyy. The travel blog support site has never answered me. They used to respond within 24 hours. Where art thou ol’ Travel Blog people?

The problem (refresher) we are dealing with is: the TB site is not notifying the majority of you followers that I have published a blog. I don’t even get notified (I use myself as a check on my publishing blog status). Help! HELP!

I have “Googled” it (Google is our friend), tried other blog sites (ex: blogger.com—very limiting), tried using “Word” app but photos come out too large and all of it will take up too much space on your device. I have done a copy/paste (of the URL address as well as a full copy of the entire blog) on a email form(only way it works....most of the time but not always). Tried an app called WordPress (way too confusing and unfriendly unless it’s just me.... say that’s not true! ).

Went to the manager of our Wellsville Verizon store (Rodney). He’s so smart and always helps me with everything! He said that probably my travel blog site has or is closing down. He said I don’t get any answers from them cause “no one is there”. He said the problem is at their end because they have not “updated” some certificate. By not doing this makes them unsecure for some browsers (ex: Google Chrome). He said that the unsecure notice is nothing to fear other than they have not updated this certain certificate. Thus some browsers won’t accept it. And, therefore, those of you are left out in limbo land. Unless you decide to move forward anyway. It won’t affect you if you do. Cory also found this long and involved answer when he researched Google Chrome.

My daughter, Lory (IT expert...it’s her job) is coming down tomorrow to see if there is ANYTHING that I can do to keep our blog going. Oh, God. I hope so. I love writing our blogs and appreciate all your positive remarks about it.

Lulu will go into a withdrawal state if she can’t be with all of you again. She’ll become a hermit. She became somewhat withdrawn just through the summer when our blogs took a rest. She blossomed and became her old, perky self once we connected again. I hate to see her recoil into her cocoon.

There has to be an answer somewhere but where? Inquiring minds want to know! Don’t give upon us. Keep your bags packed. I know we will begin a new journey again. I just know it, Toto! But I don’t how or how long it will take. Please be patient.

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Rodney, my manager friend at VerizonRodney, my manager friend at Verizon
Rodney, my manager friend at Verizon

Just kidding...Rodney looks much better
Our daughter, LoryOur daughter, Lory
Our daughter, Lory

Coming to my rescue I hope
Recluse LuluRecluse Lulu
Recluse Lulu

Sad, very sad!

2nd December 2018

Dear frustrated Travelblogger...
I am a Moderator and we also are concerned about our Administrator's seeming lack of attention. Another Moderator has spoken to the Administrator, who seems to be spending his time fixing the security certificate. As for your immediate problem of our subscribers not getting emails of your posts, I would suggest that they become New Bloggers (it doesn't cost anything, and they don't have to post anything), and then Followers of your blog. Then they can log onto the site and see what you've written. I hope that our Administrator fixes these issues soon, too. I love your sense of humor!
2nd December 2018

my experience with your blogs
I have Google Chrome and waited patiently while you were still in Fl. Then suddenly they appeared again and seemed to be the total number. The last was the one about your return to NY and Thanksgiving. So I am happy with what I have seen and have no idea why your other readers are having problems. Here's hoping you get it fixed quickly.
3rd December 2018

Thank you.
My last blog was “Will This Ever End?” The last blog published by Travel Blog where they sent it out to all my followers was on November 11th. Since then, when I realized my followers were not getting the notification and link to my published blog, I have been doing a copy/paste of my last 7 blogs and sending them out via my own mail. I only wish I could reach a support person at TB. How do you find my blogs?
2nd December 2018

Another solution to making sure your friends see your blogs...
I don't really depend on the subscriptions. I post my blogs on Facebook....I have many more friends there. Is this something that might help you?
3rd December 2018

Something to consider but I don’t want it to be public....I have @ 120 followers that I want only them to see it. Am I able do that on FB? Thank you for your suggestion.
4th December 2018

You want your Travelblogs to be private...
but you have not made them private thus far so the whole world can read about your trips. Most TBers' blogs are public so don't worry. If you want them to be private then edit your blogs and click on the Select Privacy next to the Entry Date. As for privacy of your blogs on Facebook, I have selected only my friends to see my posts, so FB provides that privacy.
4th December 2018

Thank you, Bob
You are very helpful. I tried to go Private on TB but it got too confusing for some of my followers. I figure there is a limited public audience on TB who would even bother to read my TB other than my followers. I know some of my followers are not on Facebook and don’t want to join. But I may have to go that way .....I have in my privacy settings on FB set at Friends ....I really appreciate all the good suggestions you are offering me. Oh, how I miss the old days when I could just hit publish button and know all my followers got my blog. 😁 I have been looking into se real other blog sites...seem so limited or unfriendly to use.

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