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September 30th 2016
Published: September 4th 2017
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Corning Glass MuseumCorning Glass MuseumCorning Glass Museum

Now this is art. This is the art from far away, you can't see the clear glasses. When we stood in front of it, we didn't even realise it was trees.
Geo: 42.3806, -76.8733

Well into the Finger Lakes area of New York Stated now and heading off from Ithaca straight to Watkins Glen Gorge with our supplies of donuts and fruit.

Was planning to walk to the Chequeta Falls at Montour Falls first, but you'll see from the photo has lacking in water that one was. Didn't bother with the walk.

Onto into the Watkings Glen gorge and it was breathtaking from the start. It even beat the gorge at Robert E Treman State Park yesterday. Every step just looked better and better and the photos don't do any justice to the size. It was gorgeous and no one complained about the 785 steps upward.

The town wasn't much but the people were helpful and we had our donuts and fruit down at the marina bay. Decided to visit the Corning Museum of Glass. That wasn't anything like we expected. The museum aspect was astounding, the exhibition was awesome, they made a pumpkin, Jodie loved it. There have been side stalls of pumpkins everywhere. You can make your own, but you have to come back the following day to collect it. No good for us. Some of the innovation and background information was also very
Montour FallsMontour FallsMontour Falls

Alll dried up. Local told us that she's never seen it dry up before this year. Worse drought.
'Scitech' like.

So we just bought some items and headed back. Its raining now!

Tried one of the wineries...bit sweet for us, fancy that.

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Watkins Glen WaterfallWatkins Glen Waterfall
Watkins Glen Waterfall

Jodie trying to be creative with her camera.
Watkins GlenWatkins Glen
Watkins Glen

Ella enjoying nature
Watkins Glen GorgeWatkins Glen Gorge
Watkins Glen Gorge

Beautiful and so majestic
Watkins Glen GorgeWatkins Glen Gorge
Watkins Glen Gorge

Photos don't do it justice
Watkins Glen GorgeWatkins Glen Gorge
Watkins Glen Gorge

The rock formations are amazing and has been carved out over 12,000 years. Incredible.
Corning Glass MuseumCorning Glass Museum
Corning Glass Museum

This is shelves of normal drinking glasses. Clear, brown and green. Now look at the next photo from further away.

2nd October 2016

Hello Doherty Family! Mom shared your blog with me so I can follow the rest of your adventures. Sounds like you are continuing to have a good time. It was wonderful to meet all of you. It is amazing how family feels like family even if it
has been almost 50 years since we last saw each other. Enjoy your ongoing travels.Love to allDiane

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