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November 22nd 2006
Published: March 13th 2007
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Hello Fellow Travel Bloggers & all that I am leaving out by referencing a small group of people on a rather new site.

I have been thinking, or trying to brainstorm, about developing a site that not only links people socially but also by travel interests; Little did I know, there are sites in existence, how ever in my opinion, each one lacks in certain areas. I recently joined a site called TripUp and at first glance it seems to be a great idea that unfortunately someone beat me to, however like most sites there are flaws and kinks to be worked out.

I think of social sites, such as myspace and think to myself well why not have a place to meet travel buddies, to discuss places to go and things to see or do; Talk to people who have been there, Talk to locals who live there, Talk to people who would like to go or are indeed already planning to go, anything to help out with planning a truly amazing vacation catered to your wants, your desires, based on what you know about your destination. The cliché is true, Knowledge truly is at our finger-tips.

The idea I speak of is indeed prevalent on the "TripUp" site, how ever with out the popularity of myspace and small bugs to work out it is failing. The base idea behind a site like that, in my opinion is phenomenal.

I recently found this site and upon my first "browse" I think it is well organized, well planned, and very interesting.

It also occurs to me at this time that not only do people want to meet others who have had great experiences as well as ones who have had poor ones, to tell us what to do and what to avoid; But, People would like to meet people to actually share vacation with.

My own situation wouldn't be so far from this. I myself love to see and do new things, I love a little bit of adventure here and there, but like most people I fear emptying out my pockets to have some what of a lack luster time, just being "sedated with nowhere to go and no one to see." I also had planned on going on a long relaxing and beautiful vacation with a particular person who is regrettably out of my life and missed out on a promising to be great time. In this light, I would have "killed" for a new Vacation partner to share my time with.

That is why, with this site (which I am sure I will come to love due to my likes of blogging and vacationing) I would like to share my views and opinions in hopes of meeting new and old friends for travel as well as all other imaginable reasons.

I've come to realize the existence and tried to accept the funny little ways circumstance effects life. I enjoy life for the most part and I recognize beauty in many different environments. Life's so simply complicated, Let's take a breath of fresh air.

Now with readers acceptance, I may write on here, strayying from travel if I feel something needs to be vocalized, be it political or personal... howevr I will mainly keep that off of this partcular site.

these are the states I've been to... It's not as much as I'd like... let's fix that.


13th March 2007

I dont see Texas on that map!! Tragic. At least you have Cali, and perhaps a world map with some caribbean countries shaded out...hint?hint? come visit!
23rd March 2007

this is a good blog! you should comment mine some time! hope!

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