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August 4th 2015
Published: August 12th 2015
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…in Cooperstown! The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. We were there SIX hours. It was amazing. The museum had everything baseball…olde timey gear, samples of songs played at different ballparks, baseball merchandise through the years (including a T-206 Honus Wagner card), George Brett’s pine tar bat, home plate from Ebbets Field, baseball by the numbers and of course a ring from each World Series. The actual Hall of Fame was amazing in itself. To see the bronze plaques of every member, read the names and the stats that got them in there…wow.

I was a little disappointed in the size of the section devoted to women’s professional baseball. From the movie “A League of Their Own” the exhibit appeared much bigger. That’s Hollywood. It was still pretty thorough: uniforms, pictures and gear.

Speaking of “A League of Their Own,” there was a section all about baseball in the movies. Some of the baseball tie-ins were pretty thin, others were absolute. They had posters, costumes and props from just about every movie that had any connection with baseball.

We were there for six hours, but I’m sure I could have stayed longer.

FYI…if you plan a trip to Cooperstown, be aware that there is no parking lot at the Hall of Fame and Museum itself. All the adjacent parking is 1- and 2-hour street parking. Trust me, one or two hours is nowhere near enough time. As we drove into town from the south we saw signs for parking lots with shuttle buses into town. These signs were still a few miles outside of town, but you should definitely park there and take the shuttle. Obviously we didn’t do our research, because apparently there is a parking lot a couple blocks from the museum with hourly and all day parking. Lesson learned…but I’m still blaming it on the lack of internet at the campground.

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Irish or No Iris?Irish or No Iris?
Irish or No Iris?

The Baltimore Orioles team had several players of Irish descent. The Washington D.C. team is looking for a First Baseman, but "No Irish need apply."
An Early Baseball Home GameAn Early Baseball Home Game
An Early Baseball Home Game

"The early use of a player endorsement, by Cleveland Spiders catcher Charles 'Chief' Zimmer, made this 1893 home baseball game unusual."
Bid McPheeBid McPhee
Bid McPhee

"One of the last major league infielders to play bare handed."

12th August 2015

Did you get the t-shirt?
12th August 2015

From Cooperstown? Of course!
12th August 2015

Kinda a bit of a funny, the t-shirt comment. You know, when someone goes somewhere they are entitled to say "Been there, done that, got the t-shirt". This looked like something you really enjoyed so I was just asking if you now had the obligatory (sp?) t-shirt. ;)
4th September 2015

We loved it there. I enjoyed the museum and I'm not a big baseball fan. My daughter thought we should buyy one of the stores in town that was for sale..... She was sure we could find something g to sell all the tourists. The building had living quarters above.....could have been fun. cool little town.

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