East Coast Tour - Day 26

Published: August 5th 2016
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It's only a flesh woundIt's only a flesh woundIt's only a flesh wound

Umm.. sorry.. no... triple bypass surgery and an organ replacement.
Day 26 - Grand Island to ???

"The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men gang aft agley." We were up and moving well this morning until Anne smelled something unfamiliar. It turned out the trailer battery was not doing too well. Truth be told, it was literally smoking, so Tony quickly detached it while giving Michelle a quick lesson in battery chemistry. A battery check and change is a standard problem and shouldn't take long. There was an Advanced Auto Parts down the road from the KOA and they were able to check the trailer and car batteries right away. They all needed to be replaced. Everyone there was super helpful and professional. Unfortunately as they were changing the car battery a small coolant hose on the radiator was broken. Two model years earlier it would have been a quick part change and we'd be on the road. But the 2010 Sienna has that part built into the radiator assembly. The Manager and employees of the store were super helpful and found a place just down the street that had time today to make the fix and they sent someone over to the next town to get a new
Aww. SnapAww. SnapAww. Snap

Get it.. snapping turtle... eating .. rice puffs... it was a big one.
radiator. Our quick stop to check the batteries turned into an all day wait to get things fixed. The shop was not able to finish that day so we got some help from fellow campers from Wisconsin to tow the trailer back to the KOA. The Advanced Auto Parts General Manager, Scott, took care of all of the expenses, including the extra night at the KOA and dinner. Michelle finally got her wish to visit the small theme park next to the KOA and we spent the rest of the night relaxing and listening to the storm move in.

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Tony pointed out that all of the rides at the carnival were like the ones at the mid-state-fair in Paso Robles, only cranked up to 150% on their speed.

Tony Sat this one out.. no teacups for Tony
Driving LessonsDriving Lessons
Driving Lessons

It's easy when there is a metal track down the middle.

Michelle trapped at the bathrooms during a dump. ... of RAIN.. geez people.
Heat PreparationHeat Preparation
Heat Preparation

Water.. Water... Water.. Water... Hand Cream.

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