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October 14th 2013
Published: October 14th 2013
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Must have been tired as we all slept in until pretty late. As Ken and Noveen were packing we decided to leave them to it and head into town to finish off some shopping. We caught the subway into town and found a couple of shops we hadn't been into yet... what a surprise, hey?!

Banana Republic and Bloomingdales were the two most notable ones we went into. Have to say that many shops, pubs and cafes here have very little customer service and some are downright rude. Also will mention that many New Yorkers have no idea where a lot of places are or even care - just a dunno is often what we hear. Some give you any directions without really knowing where the place we're looking for is. So it was with great pleasure that in Bloomingdales' we found the service was absolutely amazing - they couldn't do enough to help us out in fact they came up to us to ask how they could help us. Also showed us where the Visitors Centre was, where you can sit and use their iPads, charge your phones, just relax, use the cloakroom service to store your shopping etc while you're there PLUS as a visitor you receive 10% discount on anything you purchase in the store.

We discovered a couple of things in town yesterday - at the Rockefeller Centre - it was the opening of the new skating rink that day so a lot of people in town to see that or use it plus it's a long weekend for Columbus Day tomorrow - Monday so extremely with zillions of people everywhere. Traffic was super crazy but somehow it all works and people get to where they want to.

Forgot to mention a couple of days ago when we went to buy tickets to see Mama Mia - in Times Square - again people everywhere and a massive truck facing a huge grandstand seating section. The truck opened up on one side lengthwise to reveal a stage! Guess who was singing??? Yes Sir Paul McCartney!!! Sadly we came along only minutes after he had finished. But interesting to see the truck just closed up again and off they went...

Today is Sunday

We woke quite late this morning and just took our time getting organised and decided to see Little Italy
Ready for Halloween Ready for Halloween Ready for Halloween

This is outside one of the many restaurants
and Chinatown here and perhaps have lunch - as it turned out is was either dinch or lundin ( lunch and dinner) we like to make up our own words...

As we went downstairs there was a drunk sitting at our front door step - fortunately we have two locked doors before we can get out or anyone can get in. He had a bottle of gin or vodka in his hand half empty or half full... but he was pretty well gone and obviously one of the many street or homeless people in New York. John managed to get the man moved enough for us to get through. The guy reminded me of a man who used to sit on one of our shop doorsteps when I was a kid - he drank a small bottle of methylated spirits every Sunday morning.

We got into a taxi to Little Italy and China town - when you get in some of these taxis you take your life in your own hands - despite how busy the traffic is - when there's a break they really speed up and in and out of the other traffic!! It
Christmas decorationsChristmas decorationsChristmas decorations

This store has only Christmas decorations and all things Christmas
was funny that both John and I put on our seat belts and made sure they were secure at the same time!! We went in a different direction to the ways we've been going and it was really nice along the Hudson and seeing quite a different side to New York, not bad just different.

We found a great restaurant - after getting out of the taxi part way up a street - was just too hard as he wasn't sure where he had to go.... and had lunch/dinner and then had a look around both China town and Little Italy. A really lovely area with heaps of restaurants and people from all walks of life enjoying the sunny Sunday afternoon. Some areas of Little Italy have been there for over 100 years and most buildings are still the same as they were back then.

Someone in Hope Island advised us to find La Mela restaurant - which we did and took photos but now can't remember who told us about it...but we found it too late to have lunch.

Since coming back home we've sat and watched a live grid iron game followed by a baseball
Christmas storeChristmas storeChristmas store

I had fun in here and could've bought a suitcase of Christmas decorations etc
lead up playoff game leading to the World Series on TV. Just amazing how spectacular the stadiums are when they're so full and fans are just crazy - no wonder we couldn't get tickets to a grid iron game!! So we just relaxed and watched it on TV, what a way to spend a Sunday!

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Lunching in Little ItalyLunching in Little Italy
Lunching in Little Italy

No wonder we put on weight!!

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