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October 10th 2013
Published: October 10th 2013
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New York Monday 7th - 10th October

Over the last few days we've been shopping at UNI QLO and Victoria's Secret, Starbucks twice, and OMG and H & M - was good fun and had heaps of bags to get home. Got the underground there and back- much easier and not too much walking. It was raining on the way back with John and Noveen looking a bit weird in their bright yellow plastic ponchos - sorry no photos - too wet to get the camera out.. Ken used his poncho to cover his backpack. I had my bright red umbrella which John bought for me earlier in the day.

A very easy day after all of our longer days sometimes arriving home around 8pm - 10pm. We heard on the news that there was going to be a hurricane/tornado but all we had was a bit of rain although it was heavier in some outer suburbs where a tree fell over a house and some were uprooted.

New York has some very interesting people. We have seen a lot of traditional Jewish people dressed as if they were in the 19th Century and others just wore their yamakas/kippahs. One person had a banana skin on his head!! We see a few beggars around on the trains or sitting or sleeping on the footpaths or park benches. Most have signs written on cardboard. Then the was the man talking to his imaginary friend going one way. The. Half hour later he passes is going the other way. We assume he had lost his friend and went back to find him!

Trip to Wall Street and Rockefeller Centre

Temperatures are changing so today was overcast but fine. We caught the subway again to the end of the Brooklyn Bridge stop. We found the Stock Exchange but unfortunately since 9/11 the public gallery has been shut down for security reasons. The building has a fence and security on each entrance. We got some great photos and we moved onto the Top of the Rock. Walking around New York you never know what you will see. Certainly a city of sirens with ambulances always seem to be going eternally.

Top of the Rock was really worthwhile. Great views from the top of the rock. The lift ceiling had motion pictures as we went up in it - quite good. Totally different from the Empire State Building. Check out Central Park in the photos. It's huge! After lunch, we went to find the Chrysler Building. As this is a commercial building, you are not allowed to go anywhere except the lobby. We were disappointed with the lobby thinking it would be more spectacular after pounding the pavement trying to find it - the locals all told us different directions!! Finally found it close to Grand Central Station.... We have now ticked off all the buildings we wanted to see on our bucket list for New York. Somewhere in between all the things we did today - we discovered Sak's on 5th Avenue. The boys left us alone for a little while.... dangerous!! Loved it in there. Some prices were very reasonable and had 30% off and others were up there - a scarf Noveen picked up was $750! No she didn't buy it just checked out the price.

Caught the subway back from Grand Central Station. We were there in peak time so decided to go to a bar and had a drink before coming home. On the way home found a great restaurant for dinner. We can say we have not had a bad meal since we have been here, which is most surprising.

You can certainly know when its rubbish day here - all sorts of large plastic bags laying around in heaps waiting to be picked up. Considering the number of people living in New York it's reasonably clean and easy to get around. Most New Yorkers walk everywhere as the traffic can be a problem. Bus drivers will let people know that there will be a delay in the traffic which gives them the option to stay on or get off and walk. One day we were the only ones left on the bus!!

Yesterday we went Woodbury Premium Outlets and were picked up at the apartment and dropped back to the apartment. It was a full day shopping - every shop you could imagine was there - we had fun and bought a suitcase to bring stuff home in..... a lot of people brought their own suitcase to put their shopping in. Lots of Christmas shopping... but there wasn't enough time to see even a quarter of the shops - that would take a week!!!

Last night we went back to the restaurant which we'd booked for Ken & Noveen's wedding anniversary and were treated like kings and queens - extra table to put our drinks etc on, plus they brought out a bottle of champagne and a Tiramisu with a candle - along with many congratulations - how wonderful was that?! Meal was fantastic too. Great night.

Today - Thursday - will be a quieter day I think but you never know with us.....

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