Blanche du Bois is a mess!

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May 16th 2012
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As the title says, Blanche du Bois is a mess. Last night I saw a Streetcar Named Desire at the Broadhurst theatre on Broadway. I've seen the moviebunt the play is so so much more. Blanche's selective history and pitiable dishonesty are just no match for Stanley's rough nature.

Truly an amazing experience.

Afterwards I walked around times square, a square that is incredibly like the Vegas strip. Huge neon signs, billions of slow walking and gawking tourists and shopping. It really is for the tourists, much like the strip is, but that still means it is fun!

In the morning I went over to the Met. This museum is the prize of the city and I almost hesitated for a moment about going in. After all, it's a museum where you can't touch anything, where there are literally thousands of tourists crammed in with you, and well it's art. My preference is on functional and public that has been created for everyone to enjoy every day. What got me through the door was tresell talk that since I travel around the world and look at everyone else's art, American artists deserve the same respect, so I spent my time in the American wing. Though it'scurious a as the art is created by Americans, but Imust have missed art that represents an American style.

It was raining buckets yesterday so Ilook a short and soggy stroll through central park. I can see why it's such a big deal, this little respite from the endless concrete.Oh and dearest short people, if you insist on using an umbrella please remember those pokers of death are right at my eye level!


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