What to do to Avoid Getting Sick on Vacation in NY

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January 1st 2019
Published: January 1st 2019
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You are looking forward to your next vacation in 2019, when you will be able to relax with your family and explore a new place or return to a favorite location. Given the fact the average American vacation is only 3.8 days; you want to get the most out of them. But your plans can easily backfire when you become sick, like I did when I visited New York. After talking to several friends, I found out the Big Apple is notorious for making people sick. Literally!

Keep your eating habits

One of the best places to binge on junk food and try new recipesis New York. This city has something that makes you eat loads of junk food, which leads to health problems. One of them is linked to digestion. Depending on what you are used to eat, New York's burgers and oversized pastrami sandwiches can upset your stomach really quick.

Junk food can also lead to dental problems, according to dentists. Eating lots of sweets and foods with added sugar can increase the number of bacteria in your mouth, leading to tooth decay. If you can't resist a good Cosmopolitan, followed by lots of fast food and sweets, there are high chances to spend your entire holiday at the dentist's office.

Use hand sanitizer

New York is one of the biggest cities in the world, which means there are hundreds of people holding on to public transport poles, using the ATMs or a public restroom. This increases the risk of you touching a contaminated surface, thus, it increases the risk of getting sick. One of the most dangerous places is the subway, which is used by thousands of people each day. To avoid catching a cold or something else, use hand sanitizer. Don't obsess over it, but do use it after touching areas in public places, such as the door handle of a museum. Another smart thing you can do is to wear disposable gloves when you touch mass transit poles, known to be full of germs.

Wear comfy shoes

Yes, NY is a stylish city, but when you visit it on vacation you want to see as many things as possible. This means you will walk around the city a lot. From the back of a taxi you can't see too much, so get ready to walk. Wear comfortable shoes, to avoid calluses. Something as simple as a callus can turn into an open wound, that can easily become infected. The risk is too big, so aim for comfort instead of fashion.

Sleep and stay hydrated

When you are on holiday you are tempted to stay awake long into the night, especially when you visit the “city that never sleeps”. But this can easily affect your body and put you at risk for contracting any illness, as you immune system is weakening by lack of sleep.

Another important thing you need to do to prevent getting sick is hydrate yourself. When you are on the road is very easy to forget about drinking enough water. But there's a catch: avoid drinking tap water and stick to bottled, because your body is not used to the germs in New York's tap water and you risk getting diarrhea.


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