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North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 13th 2015

I'm sitting here trying to recollect at some local sandwich shop in Washington heights, upper Manhattan, on the corner of 168 st and Broadway. It's 12 in the afternoon so its full of lunch breakers right now. Trying to recollect such a hectic and exciting week is not an easy task, but Il try. I had decided a couple months ago to come to Manhattan and live with a friend who i met in mid 2012 (whom I will not name) and had not seen him since. Him, a native of NYC, had traveled to Texas in 2012(Beaumont, TX to be specific) to basically impregnate his girlfriend he had met on Myspace (I know, I know..) and whom he had been talking to for a while. Him and I had exchanged calls and texts for about ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 7th 2015

I forgot to mention that Keith is this weeks Malolo Island table tennis champion. The match was best of three games against Jimmy the resort champion. My prize was a refreshing cocktail presented at the Beach Bar. Meanwhile Fran was attending a local cooking demo learning how to cook fish. (PS don't mention the games of crib).... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 7th 2015

We leave Fiji and fly to Los Angeles. Its been a long time since we had seen and landed in a big city so took a photo from the plane. Our first two days were in a hotel on Sunset Boulevard. First evening we visited the Saddle Ranch steakhouse just across the road from our hotel. It has a centre piece of a mechanical bucking bronco. As we sat and had our meal several locals had a go and came to an early end on their bums. One of their desserts was a three foot stalk of pink cotton candy (we call it candyfloss). On day two we played tourist and went on a tour of Los Angeles by coach. Before we left on the tour bus we took a walk on the Walk of Fame ... read more
bucking bronco
Saddle Ranch Restaurant
our home in West Coast of America

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 5th 2015

Then on to Montclair, NJ, where my friends Amy, Shana, Lexie and Spike live. A trip to the Montclair Museum on Friday (free Fridays) and an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday-must have been a thousand kids and well organized-led up to the basketball game (college playoffs) which we watched in agony in our MSU t-shirts. Somewhere in there we also made a trip to the YMCA where I did dry and steam sauna, dipped my legs in the pool and took a long, hot shower. Had some great hangout time. Sunday morning Lexie had her own egg hunt provided by her mothers. I enjoyed her pleasure and the observation of Spring arriving with crocus flowers, buds on the trees and a freshness in the air. They dropped me off at the train station on their way ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 2nd 2015

I was pleasantly surprised at the helpfulness of folk to an old lady, giving up seats, carrying bags. The help was appreciated. Also had to admit to a hearing problem that was saved by cell phones. Started with a party and my first dog/friend.... read more
me amy dog

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 4th 2015

Hi again, My first time ever actually leaving the state that I could clearly remember (I went to my great grandma's 90th in Colorado when I was 5, hey I sort of remember it) was to the Midwest after my first summer up in Sequoia. I had never even been on a plane before. The reason for this trip was to visit a friend I had met working over the summer. Although the trip was to visit in the Midwest, we decided to drive over to New York City to experience the 2010 New Year in the bitterly cold (yeah, yeah I'm from California what's it to ya). That was probably one of the most memorable New Years I've had because I got to see the historic Times Square ball drop with my own eyes and ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan January 1st 2015

What a fabulous day to begin 2015! The sun was out - shining bright - it was a cold day -2c this morning but the wind chill made it feel like -7c. After a great breakfast and a chat with Rick - we picked up some more tips for today's travel. First we jumped on the local bus M2 to the East Village - included in the metro card price - travelled the length of 5th Avenue - past Central Park and museum mile and got off at the last stop in The East Village. We had a chuckle as we watched all the tourist buses going by with people paying $50 for a day pass for the on/off buses. We are seeing all the same places for the price of a MTA ticket $2.50 per ... read more
good breakfast company
Street of Harlem
Shop frontage in Harlem

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan December 1st 2014

Kellemesen utaztam a vonaton, olvastam, zenet hallgattam, majd ugy 3.5 oraval kesobb megerkeztem New York-ba. Szembetuno volt a kulonbseg: Washingtonban csendesek voltak az utcak es a metro, marmint voltak rajtuk emberek, csak eppen nem voltak zajosak - New York-ban viszont, ahogy lementem az allomas alatti aluljaroba, ami a metrohoz vezet, sok fiatalt lattam a kulonbozo bufek es kisboltok kornyeken, eleg sokan hangosan meg reszegen, kesobb a metroban ugyanez folytatodott. Nem itelek el senkit, csak a kulonbseget erzekeltetem :) Bar a metro, amire gondoltam, epp nem jart, jott egy masik, es a Penn Station-tol eleg hamar eljutottam a W 72nd St metromegallohoz, amiben a W azt jelenti, hogy Manhattan kozepetol nyugatra van, a 72. pedig az utca sorszama delrol eszak fele haladva. A szallasom 1-2 utcaval arrebb volt, egy haztombnyire a Central Park-tol. Igazabol ezert valasztottam ezt ... read more
Times Square
Modern epulet a High Line mellett

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan November 22nd 2014

Yes I'm in New York for work again, but feel so bad to say this that I'm so looking forward to leave today. Heading to Sydney. Yah! Flying from New York to Sydney is my longest haul flight 23 hours! How did I like New York?? Hmm. It's freezing! I couldn't feel my ears every morning. So coldddd. I was onsite and hotel only, for 5 days my entire trip. This morning before flying out, I spent 1.5hour for quick walk on Wall Street and took a quick glance at the NYC Freedom Tower. Such a pity though didn't see more though. Sharing with you some of the site photos for a new brand we working with called Sisley Paris (cosmetics). Sydney I'm coming...... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan November 14th 2014

“May I present to you: heaven!” dit is wat de ober in Morton’s steakhouse zei waarna hij het stuk vlees dat ik besteld had voor me op tafel zette. Hij had gelijk, deze steak was de beste die ik ooit gegeten heb. Mals en enorm veel smaak. Over de prijs ga ik het niet hebben, want daar ben ik zelf al vaak genoeg van geschrokken. Een collega had mij op vrijdagmiddag getipt om bij Morton’s te gaan eten, maar dan moest ik wel van tevoren reserveren. Ik had eerst op de menukaart op internet gekeken en die zag er goed uit. Er stonden geen prijzen bij de gerechten, dat had ik echter al vaker meegemaakt dus ik boekte vol vertrouwen mijn eenpersoonstafel voor die avond. Bij het restaurant aangekomen parkeerde ik zelf mijn auto (geen valet ... read more
Times Square
Eekhoorn in Central Park

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