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September 22nd 2011
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Picking up lunch
Arrived in Tucson last night around 7:15 from LAX. Ken picked me up as usual. We got home around 8, quickly unpacked my suitcase, put in a load of laundry, and finished some expense account uploading, finished packing and got to bed around 10 pm. It took a while to fall asleep since the usual childlike excitement was in full throttle. Once I fell asleep, stayed that way until the 3 am wake up alarm. Jumped in the shower, Ken was next and uncle arrived to take us to the airport. Finished last minute packing, put two waffles in the toaster. My whole being, including my stomach rebels against the early hour, so I feel better when I put some whole wheat carbs in it. It’s too early for coffee; we want to sleep on the plane. As we were riding down Oracle, I realized my waffles were still in the toaster. Oh well.
The ride was uneventful and we arrived, checked our bags and headed to the gate. I got an egg sandwich and Ken and I split it. We are in row 13, window and middle seat. The guy next to Ken is pretty big and he tells me
Celtic's PubCeltic's PubCeltic's Pub

Denny,Bobbie,Annie, me, Kenny
later they were non verbally fighting over the armrest. The guy was willing to be cozy by allowing their arms to touch but Ken would have no part of it. I fell asleep right away and slept most of the time; except when the nonstop talker behind me would get louder. It’s 6am, why does someone need to incessantly talk to a stranger? Everyone else is trying to sleep. He would even use sound affects in his stories such as knocking on his tray table for affect. We’ve all sat by someone like that right?
As we flew in to Chicago, it was pretty to see some of the leaves changing color, the farms and green everywhere. We had 1 ½ hours in Chicago. We went to Starbucks and enjoyed or coffee by a big window in the airport.
We plan to switch to Eastern Standard Time as much as possible this week. We bought a turkey on rye sandwich to split on the plane. We will arrive in LGA at around 3:30 (lunch time to us).

We take a taxi to our hotel; it only takes about 15 minutes. We called Bobbie and he said they were at
Celtic's PubCeltic's PubCeltic's Pub

Denny, Bobbie, Annie
the Celtic Pub on 46 and 6th. We checked in, dropped our luggage and walked the 11 blocks to meet them. Man, it is so hot and humid here…about 79 degrees and very humid. In our brisk walk during rush hour the pace is very quick, no strolling here. We see Bobbie, Annie and Denny on the sidewalk outside the pub. After hugs we go to the second floor and order drinks and watch the crowds from the window. It’s always so great to meet up with friends from home when you are traveling with them. An excitement in the air of what experiences we will have. I notice the parking lot below is $45 per day. Wow, even Beverly Hills is only $12 per day. After a drink we decide to walk to Macy’s and Herald’s square which is a few blocks from our hotel. They are all staying in New Jersey.
As we are walking we see a man crumpled up against the building and some liquid has drained from him and ran across the sidewalk. I stopped everyone so they wouldn’t step in whatever it was. It felt weird. Is he just a drunk? Is he dead? It was dark and we couldn’t really see much.
Bobbie and Kenny see a White Castles restaurant and have to get some. I went in with them, not sure if I want one, but it was so dirty and nasty in there I decided against it.
We arrived at Macy’s and only Annie and I went in. Ken, Bobbie and Denny sat at a table outside. It’s an overwhelming store; it’s so huge. Annie found a purse for $1000; I found many size 6 shirts and skirts (yeah right!!) We only stayed for a few minutes and then met them back outside. We headed to our hotel. Bobbie was hoping to get instructions from our concierge as to how to get to his needed bus to get back to Jersey. She gave them instructions, but we found out later she was incorrect. We say goodnight and Ken and I walk up the street to a restaurant: ‘Brendan’s’. It was a very old building and I wish I had asked about the history of it. It had big stained glass windows, a huge fireplace and old tile floors. We enjoyed Caesar salad and a Margharita pizza and a glass of wine. We are so tired and glad that are hotel: Hilton Garden Inn on W 35th is across the street.


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