Day 17 - All good things must come to an end

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December 14th 2009
Published: December 15th 2009
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and so begins the final full day of my holiday. We made the most of it with an early start which turned into a rather late start by the time everyone got ready. The girls once again went shopping downtown, The guys also went downtown but bypassed the shopping. First we went to check out the WTC site, you don't realise the size of the area until you get there. There doing construction work there at the moment, they're building seven new buildings, one has already been completed (Tower number 7, which collapsed 10 hours after planes hit). Its quite strange being there, to think that around 3000 people died right where i was standing. Very strange feeling. Its the only place where you can look up and not see a building covering the sky which is also a strange thing around this place. We didn't spend a lot of time here because there wasn't alot to see due to the construction work going on. Next stop, wall street. Dad wanted to check out wall street because he's into the share market and all that sort of stuff and i though it would be pretty interesting aswell. The street itself wasn't as big as i thought it would be. Almost like a small side street with tall building either side, Maybe thats why they call it wall street, because it looks like the street has walls either side of it lol. Once we walked out of wall street we had some lunch and caught back up with the girls and caught the ferry across the harbour to staten island. There isn't alot to do over there so we just go off the ferry and got straight back on and went back to manhatten....hey its free and you get good views of the city.
Once our afternoon was complete mum and lauren when and stood in a long line to get some broadway tickets for tonight. Dad and i went home for some rest. We ended up getting some great seats to see Mary Poppins. The show itself was just fantastic. She was actually pulling hatstands out of her bottomless bag that was sitting on a table that you could see does she do it, i'll never know. Hahaha the songs were just as catchy as there were in the movie. Definately worth the standing ovation it got. Can't wait til
Where WTC used to standWhere WTC used to standWhere WTC used to stand

The only place where you can see no buildings when you look up.
it comes to melbourne next July. The show had finished which also marked the end of our holiday as such. One more afternoon to spend however we like....probably cleaning up the mess we've made here, lol. This will be my last blog for my holiday, thanks for reading. Cya's back in melbourne on Thursday.


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America Holiday - Day 17 012America Holiday - Day 17 012
America Holiday - Day 17 012

New York Stock Exchange
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America Holiday - Day 17 014

Staten island ferry
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America Holiday - Day 17 021

New Amsterdam Theatre - Merry Poppins on Broadway

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