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August 17th 2009
Published: August 17th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Arriving at work today, I could not contain my excitement.
My excitement was not due to the fact that I was about to spend the next 8 hours chained to a reception desk, but because it was finally happening.
Months upon months of planning have gone into this. Tireless hours of research and evaluation; sleepless nights, and wondering, if anything would actually eventuate from all our efforts. But finally, we had something on paper.
The flights are booked, the accommodation is secured, we’re off to New York City!!!

My friend and I have dreamed of going to New York City for as long as we can both remember; or perhaps more accurately, as long as Carrie Bradshaw has been broadcasted onto Australian television. And with both my friend and I in desperate need of escaping the daily grind, we decided, what better time than now??

To say that the global financial crisis has had an enormous impact on the travel industry is, well, a major understatement. In the midst of the global recession, the travel industry has seen the prices associated with travel plummet. Only a mere 12 months ago, flights from Australia to the United States were at least a staggering $400 more than they are at present. So, with this in mind, and the help of our trusty travel agent, the wheels were set in motion.

So now we ask ourselves, what do we expect from New York City??
Do we spend endless hours roaming through central park? Or perhaps test out our gastronomical boundaries with the street vendors? Maybe we dabble in a little architectural admiration? Or delve into the underground music scene?

we are open for suggestions…


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