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March 7th 2008
Published: March 18th 2008
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6:30am in the Hollywood Diner, 6th Avenue6:30am in the Hollywood Diner, 6th Avenue6:30am in the Hollywood Diner, 6th Avenue

Watching the yellow taxis whizz by...
"Hey lady, it's free, don't be shy now" said the dreadlocked Bob-Marley-alike leaning at the top of the 14th Street subway entrance, a newspaper in his outstretched hand. A yellow taxi whizzed past, then an NYPD car.

I clutched my paper bag of danish pastries and my cup of strong smelling coffee. It was 6am in NYC and the only thing missing was Al Pacino. If I squinted I could almost see him, slouching past, hands stuck deep into leather jacket pockets, collars turned up against the bitter February cold. The whole of New York is a movie set, the show never stops.

I have wanted to visit New York for as long as I can remember. Everything happens in New York - every street name is as familiar the one you grew up on and everyone has a story you know. Broadway, Wall Street, Times Square, Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Madison Avenue. The buildings, you know them too. Even the park, even the shops, the taxis, the subway, right down to what New Yorkers eat for lunch (pastrami over easy, double skinny mocha frappucinos on rye and yes, absolutely, fries with that).

So our list
Wildlife, New York styleWildlife, New York styleWildlife, New York style

(Le nature, style new yorkais)
of things to do for our week in New York was ridiculously huge. Happily jet lag had us (well, me and a slightly more reluctant Nico) up and out of bed at 4am every morning, cheese danish and coffee from Nana's Treats scoffed by 6am, first in line for the Statue of Liberty ferry, the Empire State building and the rest, settling in for breakfast no 2 by 10am. Perfect. The weather was bone chillingly, bitingly, cold, but nothing 3 jumpers, 2 pairs of gloves and a belly full of bagels couldn't deal with.


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Little known New York monumentLittle known New York monument
Little known New York monument

Monument new yorkais, tres peu connu.
Manhattan Skyline from BrooklynManhattan Skyline from Brooklyn
Manhattan Skyline from Brooklyn

Couldnt open eyes wide enough to take it all in.
Nico of the Antartic on Liberty IslandNico of the Antartic on Liberty Island
Nico of the Antartic on Liberty Island

Nico de l'Antartic sur l'isle de Liberte -(ou se trouve le Statue of Liberty)
What, no monkey?What, no monkey?
What, no monkey?

Empire State building from the Meat Packing district
Our subwayOur subway
Our subway

notre arret de metro
Crossing the Brooklyn BridgeCrossing the Brooklyn Bridge
Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

1 km of wooden walkway suspended just above multiple lans of speeding cars. In sections you can look through the slats down a million miles to the Hudson river. Terrifying but fab.

corner of Willow and Pineapple St. Best address ever. Truman Capote wrote Breakfast at Tiffanys in a house on Willow St.
Times Square.  Times Square.
Times Square.

I hate to say it but it's a road, not a square.

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