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February 19th 2008
Published: February 20th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Top of The RockTop of The RockTop of The Rock

Having fun in NYC!
I Love New York City! That said, Squirrel and Niece of Squirrel had a marvelous time. Well, at least I think we did. Squirrel of niece is a teenager, so I'm not completely sure about the marvelous time being mutual, but I think a good time was had by all. Banning fast food from our NYC diet seemed like a good idea to this 44 year old, but I think squirrelly niece, I mean Niece of Squirrel, might think differently. Hairspray, Wicked, Central Park, Saks, Tiffany and Co., The Rock Observatory, Staten Island Ferry with views of SOL and Ellis Island, subway rides, NYC pizza, bagels, Junior's cheesecake, Times Square. Those were the biggies with lots of other exciting smallies along the way. One noted event was the large number of Kosovans and Albanians celebrating on Sunday in NYC. Around Times Square there were hundreds of folks in cars with horns blasting which was accompanied by jubilant yelling and waving of Albanian flags which resulted in quite the colorful impromptu parade (and massive traffic jam). How can you not love NYC? Delay in return home not quite as marvelous as our time in NYC, but hey, we had an extra three
 Beautiful Entrance Beautiful Entrance Beautiful Entrance

Above entrance to The Rock Observatory (tallest building in Rockefeller Center, the GE building).
hours in NY. Granted they were in LGA, but still NY. But wait, there was more. Three hours in Philadelphia. Again, in the airport! Whoohoo. Makes me excited about our next adventure. Enjoy the pics and follow our Italian adventure which begins next week.
Also, the winner from my future travel trivia question is Dave! But Vanessa and Windie get honorable mention. Hence, there will be a great prize for Dave and semi-great prizes for Vanessa and Windie.

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Ice Skating in Central ParkIce Skating in Central Park
Ice Skating in Central Park

Not us skating, but lots of New Yorkers having a good time at Wollman Rink in the Park.

23rd February 2008

the big apple
well this is the squirrely niece talking for all u viewers out there. NYC was fun!... although i do admit i dont think i kept up very i come gym..although i think one would need to go run a marathon b4 they thought they could keep up w/ auntie squirell. =] anyway...i have recuped this wk. and if anyone is ever in NYC i highly recomend to LOOK BOTH WAYS B4 CROSSING and as squirell said..junoir cheesecake..but above all WICKED and HAIRSPRAY on BROADWAY! nuff said. thanks 4 everything auntie squirrel!

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