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October 22nd 2007
Published: November 11th 2007
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5th Avenue & Empire State building5th Avenue & Empire State building5th Avenue & Empire State building

View 50yard from Hostel on 27st.

New York City 22 Oct 2007

Left Manchester airport totally crapping myself and wondering what the hell i'd got myself into. Met a woman from NYC on the plane and chatting to her really calmed my nerves. Arrived at JFK airport approx 13:00 NYC time. My nerves soon returned when i stepped foot into jfk and didnt have a clue where to go and how i was supposed to find the shuttle that was organised for me. On the journey to Manhatton i will never forget the view of all the skyscrapers of Manhatton in the distance. Totally awesome! When we arrived in Manhatton i couldnt believe the size of the place the size of the buildings how busy and crazy the place was...totally manic!! I got droped off about 100yards from my hostel on 4th Avenue with instructions where to go....i didnt have a f'ing clue where i was going. Eventually i found the place i was going to start my first ever day in hostel life (The Gershwin). Very quiet and clean place and organised. More like a hotel really. Dropped my stuff off and i went off on my travels.

Got totally lost within
Time square at NightTime square at NightTime square at Night

Something always going on 24hours a day, always something to see. Manic place. went there ever single day or night, sometimes both
a hour or so and ended up walking about 3 miles more than i should have. Strictly speaking it shouldnt have been to hard for me to find the hostel i was only 2 minute walk away from the tallest building in new york. But i did! Any way getting lost was a good way to get comfortable with surrounding &saw some amazing places whilst lost such NYC post office, Maddison SQ gardens.

Went out that night (More walking), went to time square. Crazy crazy place but definetly one of my favourite places in Newyork. Went there about 6 times. Went for a beer - cost me 7 dollars and taste like shit, had another beer and that taste like shit too. Coclusion american beer is shit! And they also expect a tip too????

Got back to Hostel and guy inthe dorm from Philadelphia. Snored like hell (thought i we were having am earth quake) and didnt get any sleep!!!!! He nearly got a shoe in his mouth! Day 1 over. Having fun already.

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Time square towers at NightTime square towers at Night
Time square towers at Night

Cant get all the towers on as they are twice as high at they look on the pic.

12th November 2007

Looking forward to reading more!
Hi Karl, great first read, look forward to many more updates! Hope you are loving Fiji - Hawaii, then Fiji - you lucky thing!!
12th November 2007

I love NY
Hi Karl, Seams great - and, I bet I speak for everyone - WE WANT MORE PIC. You must remember, we stuck here and the best place go go for us is only London (when we lucky... ) :) Take care kid and keep us posted! x
27th November 2007

Looking good!! Too bad we got to meet for so short. Don't forget to try Singha beer when you're in Thailand. I'm sure you'll like it more than American beers :D Check out my page at Take care ^.~
30th November 2007

Reply to Linda
Loved Maui especailly for many reasons (Everything was perfect) The hostel, the people at the hostel, the local people, the island was specacular and beautiful. Fiji was awesome too - the islands are like paradise...or maybe heaven...i hope! x

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