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August 27th 2010
Published: August 27th 2010
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What does someone do at a blog?

I have no idea! I would think its like any other typical blog except for the very important point that we are all traveling or travelers in our own ways.

So this blog is about adventurous experiences: good and bad. I'm going to do my best to keep everything as sincere as possible. But warning I do have a pretty positive outlook on life. Never the less, if something ticks me off you will surely hear about it because I also have Leo + Latina blood a double pepper of excitement.

A little bit about myself:

I'm an avid traveler. Ever since I was young I always found myself in a plane trying to get home. I've found home and have lots of family to prove it but now we are just all over the place. So you will see a lot of me traveling to various locations trying to catch up with specific family members.

I'm pretty easy going and don't complain about much unless your a significant other in my life. If that is what you aspire to be ...I think Jay-Z said it best "I feel bad for you son."

I travel all the time- Among the places I've been include: Dominican Republic, Italy, Costa Rica, Panama and various places within the USA some of them being Florida, Upstate New York, LA, Texas.

So why start a blog now right? Well I've always had a purpose for going to all these places. Purpose is and incredibly important factor in every human beings intelligence.
I along with this blog am going to try and find purpose to my out of the blue trip. I went off a brim and bought a Jetblue All You Can Jet ticket and now I'm going to be flying wherever destiny takes me.

Yes, destiny will for some reason take me to places where I know others that is the whole point of it. For destiny to reunite me with lost friends, find new friends and always find a better purpose.

About where I stand in life:
I'm ending my year in AmeriCorps Volunteer Service and am in the lookout for even more ways to continue making my life a meaningful one.


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