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So, it's a little more then a month till I leave. I'm starting to take stock of what I have to do to prepare... Visa? It's on it's way. The Turkish Embassy has my passport as I type, I'm sure diligently looking over my records and (hopefully) seeing that I'm not a threat to their country. Packed yet? Absolutely not. I have no idea where to begin with packing. I'm still not sure if I'm studying in Prague for the Spring semester. I assume I'll figure it out when I get there.... one of the problems with this plan though is that I have no idea what type of stuff to pack. Istanbul is hot. Prague is cold. If I wind up staying in Istanbul then I'll just have lugged a bunch of heavy winter clothes ... read more

So, I guess this is my first official blog post. It's now 60 days before I leave for England. Right now I'm not thinking much about it, I only really think about when people talk about going back to school and I think oh right, I'm not going back this year... This will be the longest time I've been home in two years, which is... alright? Kingston is ok so long as you have friends, are easily amused, have a car, and a job (or serious hobby if you're into that.) I have 3/4 of them. Well I have friends, but considering I haven't really been around in 2 years I'm not too sure who to call, or if they would even have the same numbers. So right now I'm crocheting a blanket... which might actually ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Hudson Valley » Kingston August 8th 2009

Just two months after we attended the wedding at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY, and just two days after exiting our cruise ship from Canada, we find ourselves once again in the area for another wedding and back onto a boat. About twenty miles north of New Paltz, on the western side of the Hudson River, is the town of Kingston, New York State’s first capital. The drive along the river gave nice scenic views, spotted surprisingly frequently with religious retreats and monasteries, whose impressive stone structures add a historic feel to the area, though perhaps their many gift shops did not. The GPS takes us along an old, infrequently used bridge, which stretches its skinny two lane body across a tributary river. Kingston’s waterfront, called the Rondout, is a nice area to walk ... read more
Kingston waterfront

North America » United States » New York » Hudson Valley » Kingston November 21st 2006

This part of Kingston used to be an amusment park and ferry landing. The park and the ferries are long gone, but the beach remains. I travel here quite often during lunch in off-season to watch the seagulls. The beach fronts the Hudson River and the gulls fly inland to avoid bad weather. I often meet nice people here, such as Joyce V., a former school teacher who once lived in New York City and now lives in Kingston. She comes to the Beach often to feed the gulls. ... read more

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