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North America » United States » New York » Astoria November 14th 2010

Welcome to my travel blog! I'm hoping this website will be a convenient way for friends, family and students to keep track of me on my travels. It's been several years since I've visited a new country so I'm ridiculously excited! In December I will be traveling to Egypt to visit the many beautiful monuments and museums. This website will allow me to share my thoughts and photos as I travel. ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Astoria July 13th 2009

Poniewaz Lara przeprowadza sie jutro do Hoboken, mam przyjemnosc uczestniczyc w calym zamieszaniu zwiazanym z przeprowadzka. Wczoraj chciala pozbyc sie telewizora, a raczej oddac go swojemu znajomemu mieszkajacemu dwie ulice dalej. Telewizor okazal sie jednak byc zbyt ciezki, by niesc go w dwie osoby. Dlugo wiec nie czekajac pozyczylysmy wozek na zakupy od pana sprzedajacego na ulicy kanapki, co bardzo ulatwilo sprawe i dalo niezly powod do smiechu nie tylko nam, ale i wszystkim przechodniom :) Dzis natomiast ciag dalszy odkrywania miasta. Manhattan i proba zgubienia sie w tlumie i gaszczu ulic, co wbrew pozorom jest dosc trudne, gdyz ulice sa tu bardzo dokladnie ponumerowane. Urokliwe street fair (cos w rodzaju naszych festynow) na Madison Avenue wprawilo mnie w mily niedzielny nastroj. Ludzie sprzedajacy lemoniade za jednego dolara, recznie wykonana bizuterie, torby, okulary i zeg... read more
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North America » United States » New York » Astoria July 12th 2009

The pitcher of Margarita in a very nice bar called the Frying Pan and going to the club, in which we could get some free drinks made our Saturday be rather... relaxing, lazy and slow ;) Nice breakfast, coffee and then walking through SoHo towards the Little Italy. Lots of Italian people, Italian music and... tourists. Being tired though made me and Lara want to take a short nap at the Washington Square Park. Short means two hours ;) However, the main goal on Saturday was to go to... Serendipity, the famous cafe from the movie Serendipity, which I promised myself to see right after watching the movie. Registration and waiting in a line for around one hour (!!!) It was worth though. The place is really fairy tale-like and sweet. And not only thanks to ... read more
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North America » United States » New York » Astoria July 11th 2009

Getting up at 7 AM. I've never woken up at this time with such an enthusiasm before. For breakfast Lara (a nice girl who I'm staying with) bought super big blueberry muffins. Yummy! Quick getting ready and then going to the metro. 42nd Street, Times Square and a feeling that everything is EXTREMELY big. For the first time in my life I felt small and so lost. Lara had to go to work so I joined her. Viacom International, 33rd floor, a great view of Broadway and Times Square. Quick coffee and then exploring the city... 5th Avenue... Prada, Louis Vuitton, Armani... Unfortunately I didn't find a husband or at least someone who would take for breakfast at Tiffany's (joke) ;) Not to waste time (because what do I actually need a husband for?!) I went ... read more
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North America » United States » New York » Astoria July 10th 2009

Craziness! 9 hour flight seemed to be unbearable. I met one girl though with whom we actually hit it off right away. Thanks to some gossipping and laughing, 9 hours passed by very quickly. Then the airport, looong line, Department of Homeland Security (U.S. Customs and Border Protection), questions, questions, questiones... Then extending minutes while waiting for the backpack. What is more, big time difference that was making me tired. And eventually stress when I realized that I actually didn't have Lara's phone number, a first couch surfer who I was supposed to stay with. But I though that in nowadays world, where the Internet is everywhere, it wouldn't be a problem to get to my mail box and find the number. Especially at the airport in New York. I took my backpack and went to ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Astoria August 2nd 2008

Day Five Or I Hope You Don’t Think I’m Disgusting, But You Gotta Fix Yourself Up Lady Or You Gotta Go To Jamaica In the morning, Denise, Nettie and I (Caitríona was at work) decided to find where our nearest Social Security Office was and apply for our social security cards. On went the laptop, and we discovered that the nearest office is just a few blocks away. We set off to begin our integration into American society, and found the office without much difficulty. The lift up to the 2nd floor was a tight squeeze even for just three skinny girls. So Denise, not having a great love of lifts, decided to get out and take the stairs. Nettie and I reached the 2nd floor and waited around for a few minutes. No sign of ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Astoria July 14th 2008

Day Four Or We’re Christening the Cooker Or Will I Make Myself Sick? Not much happened today except I found out that Denise and Nettie were ‘innocently’ getting to know their new co-workers last night, mainly by getting drunk with them and paying for it the next day. The day mainly consisted of the two girls wallowing in their hungover states and groaning softly about never touching drink again. The hilarity reached its peak when Denise displayed how indecisive she is with the question, “Will I make myself sick?” Nettie and I decide to venture outside to buy some food and then cook our first meal in the house. It turned out to be our last. Then I left for work at four. ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Astoria July 14th 2008

Day Three Or Motorbikes and Manhattan Or From Eyre Square to Times Square So on Tuesday morning Caitríona went off for her first day of job training at Cronin & Phelan’s, so Denise, Nettie and I got up bright and early to hit the bright and early sights of Manhattan for the first time. We had no agenda, no idea, and no plan. We were purely going to see where Manhattan would take us. Emerging from the dark stuffy underground of the subway to the dizzying lights and bustling city streets of Times Square is a truly unique experience. It is an ocular extravaganza, a raging storm on an electrical sea, pixie-dust for the eyes. We traipsed along the streets helplessly hypnotised, goggle-eyed with no idea where we were going. Every square inch of space ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Astoria June 17th 2008

Day Two Or It’s a Fine Display of Cartography! Or This is Not. Grand. Avenue. On Monday morning we all got up bright and early to pound the pavements on our search for suitable employment. Our first stop was T-Mobile on Steinway street to buy new cell-phones. Strange that ‘mobile’ is in the title yet they call them cell phones…but then this is a very strange country. I was served by a helpful young man who looked alarmingly like Prince. But even more alarmingly he was named ‘Angel.’ His mother had some high hopes, I thought. We split into 2 groups of two as we thought that if four girls trooped around looking for work it might be a little imposing to potential employers. So Caitríona and I hit the road with our new cell phones ... read more

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