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August 12th 2011
Published: August 13th 2011
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So, last blog I left you all hanging as to what happened after Nelson repaired the lights on the jeep. Here is the rest of the story.

The jeep was ready to go on Saturday but I still had a few things to get to storage (HAHAHAHAHA) because there was just too much stuff left in the RV. James and I ran all over Gonzales Monday looking for valve stem extenders for the tires on the RV. I needed to check the tire pressure and could not find a gauge that would reach into the little nook in the rim. And, there are dual wheels on the bus and we couldn't reach that one either. Blues in Gonzales sold us a set up rubber extenders with a clip that attached to the rim. I wasn't really comfortable with the clip because James could pull it off with some effort but I didn't think it would be a big deal.

I took off Monday evening about 4 pm. I should have known that it was a bad move when I got to the exit at I 10 and Hwy 73 in Prairieville. There was a vehicle stalled in the middle of the exit lane with no one inside. I couldn't go around and when people started going around me on both side of the exit ramp I called 911. Well, five minutes later the driver walks up with a gas can, puts the gas in his truck and drives off. I had James cancel the 911 call and dropped him off at the house.

Things were going pretty well until I got to Carencro. The bus was difficult to drive as the least little movement of the steering wheel seemed to send it swaying from one side of the lane to the other. In Carencro I hit construction. There was new asphalt with no marking and by that time it was dark. I did not realize there was a drop off on the passenger side. As an 18 wheeler passed on my left side, it pushed me to the right, my right wheel dropped off and I almost lost control of the bus. I think the only thing that saved me was the jeep I was towing. About the time I was breathing again, it happened again. I drove to the rest area above Opelousas and called my friend Robin for advice. Robin told me to drive to the nearest truck stop and park for the night.

I was really shaken by all that and by the time I drove up to Ville Platte I was exhaused. I callled my parents and told them I was parking for the night. Next morning I got up and checked everything out. It all looked good so I cranked up the bus. I noticed that the Brake Buddy system had a warning light telling me the battery on the jeep wasn't strong enough. I got out and tried to start the jeep and, yeah, the battery was dead. According to the Brake Buddy manual, it is dangerous to operate the system without the battery. I got out my emergency battery jumping device and was trying to find a metal part to ground the negative cable when the truck driver next door got out and offered to jump off the jeep. He did that and was very gracious about it. The man told me if I ever need help on the road to look for a truck like his and the driver would help me out. I think that man was an angel!

So, I headed out and got in to mom and dad's about noon.

Hate to do this but the coffee shop is closing. More to the story for sure. I will post another update this weekend.

Love to all



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